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As the first person to test the SteadyWhoop, I can honestly say I am impressed! Filmmaker Studio has done a fantastic job perfecting this cinewhoop, seamlessly integrating the gimbal into a fully configurable, betaflight compatible beast of a tool. At the flick of a finger, I can change my HD camera angle on the fly. No camera operator required! If you ask nicely, you can get it with, or without, the DJI HD camera system. The gimbal is effective for sub 20 mph flights, with an overall top cruising speed of about 35 mph on 5s, and 4-5 minute flight times. Zero yaw twitch and tuned well right out of the box! Here is a sample of what this quad is capable of.

Filmmaker – PhotographerMichael Mahoney

Flying stabilized drones and flying FPV are two different things. Capturing cinematic footage with Inspires and Mavics… pretty easy… I’ve been doing that for years. But, in this way we’re mostly catching imagery with broad strokes. FPV capture brings it in, and you can get close and personal! But, for professional use, we need smooth, stabilized footage. So, as a beginner to FPV, I contacted Eric Ziegel to chat with him about his new aircraft configuration, the SteadyWhoop. Built on an FPV platform with a 3-axis gimbal to hold the GoPro, this unique aircraft allows you to capture what could not be captured before: beautiful, close-up and intricate cinematic choreography in perfectly stabilized and professional form. The aircraft platform itself, is a thing of beauty. What I did not expect was the time and effort that Eric took to explain things to me, teach me the ins and outs, and guide me towards learning how to fly this kind of aircraft, new to me. He is respectful and friendly, and very knowledgeable. No question from me sounds “too stupid” or trivial. My new SteadyWhoop arrived to the US beautifully packaged with everything I need to get started. I haven’t flown it yet. My work load is keeping me busy. But, I will soon be posting new and exciting FPV footage that I could not get before. Looking forward to using my SteadyWhoop and also seeing what else Eric has in store for us. (Anamorphic lenses are next!)

Filmmaker – PhotographerAram Nersesian

Hi Eric! It‘s raining all the time. But I was flying at home yesterday. Small flat, but two floors. I was never flying that precise in a narrow space like this. This machine flyies like a dream. Very good work! 🙏 Also now I understand your idea with the gimbal.

FilmmakerMa Raab

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