The Steadywhoops

We designed various Steadywhoops depending on your needs and purposes.
Each of them offer you a great natural stabilization and a high reliability.

Cinema camerasSuper Vortex

The Super Vortex was designed to carry a cinema camera.
It can carry 1kg of extra load and shoot RAW footage by FPV !
With its small size, it is first cinewhoop, ready to use, for cinema production.

Professionnal Cinematic FPV droneThe Steady

Very versatile, it allows to carry a 3-axis gimbal and can carry till 700g !
It offers an amazing flight time of 14 min with an action cam. A game changer
Highly stabilized, it flies well into small gaps.

Action camerasSmooth Vortex

Highly stabilized, this steadywhoop is designed to carry an action camera.
It offers an accurate flight, can hover and stabilizes naturally its height and speed.
Secure, you can have small crashes with a wall without any damages and keep flying
Because of its large ducts, it is safe and can fly too next to people.
Lightweight, it can go through small gaps.

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