SteadyWhoopSmooth Vortex – Combo

The highly stabilized cinewhoop

100% french design and assembled

Smooth Vortex - Combo
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Waterproofing of electronic components


The Smooth Vortex, the highly stabilized cinewhoop.

It allows, like a DJI drone,  to create amazing cinematic movements and footages without be a professional FPV Pilot. It can be used like a steadicam, like a crane or like a drone in one tool.

Flying like a crane (see an example), the Smooth Vortex is easy to fly, versatile, secure and reliable.

It can be used for many purposes : for filmmakers or videographers, for industrial inspections,….

The package includes  the Smooth Vortex Ready TO FLY * with our setup and settings  :

  • 100% designed, assembled and tested by our french team of engineers
  • Frame in high quality carbon fiber (cut in the sense of the fiber) designed by our team
  • 4 TPU ducts large size designed especially to improve the airflow which integrated aerodynamic profile and softmount for the motors
  • ESC/FC/Motors/Propellers/Crossfire
  • Logo SVx lighting when the lipo is plugged
  • TPU support for Hero 6/7 or 8
  • DJI air unit and camera
  • AUW (with Hero 7 and Lipo): 800g
  • Taranis QX7 with transmitter 2W Crossfire (for long range signal and great signal penetration)
  • The Smooth Vortex is designed to work with Lipo 4S 1550 mAh
  • Lipos and GoPro not included in the package
  • Support of our team by chat

Delivery time :  15 to 21 days.

* To use the Smooth Vortex, you need to have the DJI FPV goggles .

If you want to change or remove one or more elements from our setup (another VTX, camera,….), please contact us from our contact page.