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See what we have done till today with the SteadyWhoop.

Flight with the Steady and the Hero8 on a 3-axis gimbal into a crazy wind. Because of its weight, its well balancing and power of its motors, the flight in such conditions needs more flight skills but is still possible, into small gaps too. The gimbal too offers better image quality with less distortions and less vibrations.

Fourth flight test of the Steady drone with a wind of 40km/h ! The wind was very important and I never flied before with such wind. Onboard a Hero8 on a 3-axis gimbal. Of course, it needs some skills to fly safely with such wind but the control of the drone is not so difficult and stays accurate and well locked in air. The stabilization of the video is quite good too because of the powerful gimbal.

Third flight test of the Steady drone with a wind of 25km/h ! This is the full flight. Onboard a Hero8 at 90° angle on a 3-axis gimbal for panoramic shots. Very little distortion on the image and an accurate control of the quad despite of the wind produces amazing cinematic footages. Definitively the best setup to to fly into windy conditions !

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