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Demo of the pan management of a 3-axis gimbal without a dual operator by using the Hero8 on the Steady drone. A new possibility by using the Steady to achieve innovative shots during flight. In this setup, we can choose from the radio 2 modes : tilting mode or panning+tilting mode depending on cinematic effect that you want to create. Available only some pieces by contacting our team.


This gimbal allows to manage the tilt from the radio ! So, it allows, during flight and without a dual operator, to move vertically up and down the tilt of the gimbal. Under it, some dampers to remove any vibrations occured during the flight. Very easily removable in some seconds, it is a new step to perfom cinematic and creative shots from the Steady. Available only some pieces by contacting our team.


The Steady drone for supervising and industrial uses. It can fly by night with a VERY powerful and strong 4000 lumens light which can be fastly removed and which lights till 316 meters. With a diffusion filter on it, it allows to fly in night by FPV like in the day ! Light can be sticked on or under the quad. Very stable in flight, this drone can hover. Flight time : 7.40.

The Hero8 mounted on a 3-axis gimbal on The Steady drone. With 6 minutes of flight, the Hypersmooth V2 with the 3-axis gimbal offers professional stabilization without image distortion. With Reelsteady GO, the stabilization is quite effective but it creates distortion on the image, zoom effects, change of speed and it allows to export in 4:3 format only in 2.7k to have a the full image. Here we can export in 4K and reframe easily in post. And it allows to make post production with the h265 codec and export in h265 with it offers smaller file sizes and better image quality. With Reelsteady GO, the h265 files are automatically exported in h264.

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