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With only a weight of 95g, the maximum range of the speaker is 2km and sound is 100dB (we can hear the voice till 200 meters from the speaker). Because of the great natural stabilization of this drone, it can fly safely into small place and use the megaphone. We added a gopro mount on it.

The Smooth Vortex at low speed indoors with the Hero8 with ND filter. Amazingly smooth, it offers, like a crane, accurate and cinematic shots. Next to unbreakable at low speed, it can have contacts with walls with no damages. With naturally a very good stabilization, it can hover or fly at constant height. Result is that we don’t think about the drone and we just think how we want to frame the scene. A new real piece of tool for filmmakers.


The Smooth Vortex using another top plate. On it, it is possible to stick a GoPro or a 360 cam like the Insta360. It is very easy too to balance the weight on the drone by moving the camera on the rack. Such drone is very stable and can hover. It can resist too with small crashes with no damages. One drone, many possibilities to use it.

Fourth flight test of the Steady drone with a wind of 40km/h ! The wind was very important and I never flied before with such wind. Onboard a Hero8 on a 3-axis gimbal. Of course, it needs some skills to fly safely with such wind but the control of the drone is not so difficult and stays accurate and well locked in air. The stabilization of the video is quite good too because of the powerful gimbal.

Third flight test of the Steady drone with a wind of 25km/h ! This is the full flight. Onboard a Hero8 at 90° angle on a 3-axis gimbal for panoramic shots. Very little distortion on the image and an accurate control of the quad despite of the wind produces amazing cinematic footages. Definitively the best setup to to fly into windy conditions !