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What is the SteadyWhoop ? What is difference with a Cinewhoop ?

The SteadyWhoops is a cinewhoop with high level of stabilization; we gave it this name because it is a different tool for a different use. In fact, the SteadyWhoop can hover, be used like a steadicam, a crane or a drone. It allows real cinematic shots.

What is the stabilization of the SteadyWhoop ? How does it work ?

The SteadyWhoops has addition of 4 stabilization factors :

  1. the natural stabilization of the quad : because of the large ducts and its big size, the quad is naturally stabilized and not disturbed next to the obstacles
  2. the SIZE : because of its size and its weight (800g), the quad is less reactive (it looks like to have huge expo on the throttle) and has a natural stabilization of the height and the speed during flight and is not disturbed by a small wind; it flies naturally stabilized with no pilot skills
  3. the distribution of the weight : we designed the SteadyWhoop like a steadicam so with weight closed to the COG (center of gravity); so, physically the quad will try to come back to its COG so to the horizontal position when the sticks are released
  4. the Hypersmooth of the Hero 7 :  the software anticipates the movement and stabilizes the video with a minimum image distortion  and cropping

Because of these 5 factors, the stabilization of the SteadyWhoop is amazing.

Why did you create the SteadyWhoop ?

We are filmmakers and we needed such tool which is so versatile that we can use it like a steadicam, a crane or a drone in only one tool. Usually, in cinema area, it needs a big budget and a team to use these tools for a shooting. Individual filmmaker or videographer don’t have such budget and needs an easy way, ready to use and a reliable tool.

So we designed all our Steadywhoops in order to be able to hover, to shoot slow, very smooth shots and offer a versatile tool for filmmaker.

Can I have the same result with a DJI drone ? What are the differences ?

The SteadyWhoop flies like a Mavic drone in tripod mode, it can hover too and is highly stabilized; you can move the tilt of the gimbal too during flight.

The huge differences with a DJI drone is that the SteadyWhoop has all advantages of a FPV quad ! It can be used with goggles, it can fly indoors and outdoors and go in small places or next to a wall or an obstacles and not be disturbed, it is a flying crane ! So, it is an innovative tool for filmmakers.

Here is some other differences between a SteadyWhoop and a DJI drone :

  • it can be repaired very easily and it is cheap; so no need to send it to Support and wait for many weeks. You can use it for many years and have still a new product, powerful and highly stabilized to shoot videos. So, it is a real investment and budget saver.
  • it can be upgraded with new motors or props or ESC/FC; it seems that you don’t need it because the SteadyWhoop is already an amazing piece of gear for filmmaker and it flies so well.
  • it is very versatile, you can add the 3-axis gimbal or only the Gopro or 3 GoPro to shoot with 3 angle cameras, or add a powerful light to shoot in dark conditions
  • it is smaller than a DJI Mavic : 33 cm / 55 cm (75 cm wider with protect propellers for a Mavic). So it can flies in small areas
  • it is an open technology so we can modify all settings and hardwares of the quad
  • it is really you who controls the quad during flight ! We really “feel” the quad when it flies and so, the control is more accurate.
  • it uses ducts so it offers security when it flies next to people; in case of small contact with an obstacle, the thick ducts will protect the propellers and you can avoid a crash and keep flying
  • it offers better stabilization and control next to a wall; because of the ducts, it can fly 10cm in front of a wall and stay stabilized and flyable.
Why do you propose it already built ?

We propose the SteadyWhoop ready to fly for 2 main reasons. The first one is that we tested it for 3 months and we found a good setup and parameters to achieve a very stabilized quad and reliability in time; so, no need for you to spend time and test it, it is already ready to fly. The second reason is that many filmmakers dont’ know anything about FPV and they need a tool ready to use to shoot cinematic footage, they don’t have time to invest to learn all skills before start to fly.

I only flew with DJI drone, will it be difficult to fly for me with the SteadyWhoop ? Do I need specific skills ?

No, the SteadyWhoop is “locked” in air, to fly with a SteadyWhoop you don’t need to be a FPV pilot ! It needs of course some skills to start to fly with it but it is really easier than a lighter FPV quad because naturally it stabilizes its height and speed, it is not disturbed by small wind or next an obstacle because of its ducts.

By using the DJI FPV goggles, it offers a cristal clear and wide view in the googles and you can see the footage better than by using an external monitor and with analog goggles. So, by flying, you are very fastly confident because you can see all obstacles very clearly.

What includes the support of the SteadyWhoop ?

Our goal is that you will use your Steadywhoop often and shoot many videos with it, so, it must be an easy tool for you.

Because of that we will support with you by chat when you need and answer at all your questions.

I’m not filmmaker but I use drone in my professional area. Can I use the SteadyWhoop for inspection ?

Of course, it is a versatile tool and you can use it to control pipes, a bridge for example or place which only drone can access; because of its stability you can be closed to an obstacle and shoot a detailled video for professional purposes. You can use the tilt of the gimbal to change position of the camera to shoot with different angles.

Because of its small size too (28cm), you can use it to go into gaps. A standard drone can’t achieve such possibility.

Can I fly with the SteadyWhoop in accro mode ?

We recommend to fly only in angle mode because in accro mode, it is more difficult to fly with it because of its weight. For cinematic shots, you need too to have a stabilized footage and avoid big roll angle of the quad, the angle mode prohibits to have such huge angles and will automatically make the quad to come back to horizontal, when release the sticks and it will reduce automatically its speeds and make it more flyable.

Can I use the SteadyWhoop to shoot a race cars ?

If you want to shoot at higher speed with the SteadyWhoop, we recommend to remove the gimbal and shoot only with a GoPro to have a lighter quad and to stabilize after your footage with RealSteady GO.

The SteadyWhoop was designed to shoot at low speed; Because of its weight and we use it in angle mode, it can’t go fastly.

Which cameras could be mounted on the 3-axis gimbal ?

By default you can mount the GoPro Hero 5/6/7.

For the best result, we recommend to use the Hero 7 with the Hypersmooth or the Hero 6 with no stabilization and use RealSteady GO (only for the Hero 6) in post-production (because of stabilization of the 3-axis gimbal, the stabilization added by RSGO will be less agressive with less zoom effects on the image so, the footage will be cleaner than to use only RSGO without the 3-axis gimbal).

We add too, with the SteadyWhoop, adapter for Hero 3/4.

Can I use RealSteady GO and the 3-axis gimbal ?

Yes, of course.

It will work well with Hero 6 (not stabilized) and will add extra stabilization to your footage and will reduce the zoom effects added by RSGO. It will allow you to move the tilt axis of the gimbal during flight and create amazing cinematic effects.

Why did you choose to add the DJI FPV system in the SteadyWhoop ?

The DJI FPV system allows you to see HD footage clear cristal and it is reliable; so, it is easier for beginner or advanced pilot to fly and be fastly confident because he will see all footage details.

For filmmakers too, it is useful to see perfectly the scene with all colors and details to achieve creative and professionnal shots.


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