Smooth VortexThe Smooth Vortex, the most stabilized cinematic FPV drone existing

13 July 2020by steadywhoop

The Smooth Vortex, the most stabilized cinematic FPV drone existing. This drone is very quiet too by removing high frequency sounds. Because of its high stability, it can hover, is very accurate in flight and can fly into small gaps. It can perform real cinematic travelling like a crane. No need to adapt the speed of the drone to stabilize it like a bee, you can choose the right speed depending on your shots like a hornet.Very adapted for indoors shots, it offers a real control to frame correctly with the chosen speed and to create professional indoors footage without be afraid to have small contacts with a wall ! It offers too the possibility to shoot at 90° and to perform beautiful panoramic shots. You can see an example of footage here : Next to unbreakable at low speed and safe because of its ducts, it is definitively a professionnal tool for filmmakers, videographers and DJI pilots who want to go to the next step.