Here are the first 99 reasons why baseball is better than football. 10. 76. 75. The game itself is better. 1. 2. We can't see how cute the players are beneath a football helmet. Why Is Baseball So Much Better Than Football? Watch Queue Queue Baseball players get in trouble for steroid abuse while football players get in trouble for domestic abuse. 2 Half time with bands. by Thomas Boswell (1987) 1 Bands. Thomas Boswell's books "Why Time Begins on Opening Day" and "How Life Imitates the World Series". 4. Baseball isn’t just better than football. 77. 10. Baseball and by a wide margin. Read the top ten reasons why baseball is better than football, have a laugh, then reserve your seats at the nearest ball park! 9. 4 Up With People singing “The Impossible Dream” during a Blue Angels flyover at half time with bands. A look now at the 20 reasons why baseball is and will always be better than football. Bands. 3. It’s better in dozens of ways. Ted Williams explaining why the most difficult thing in all of sports is hitting a round ball with a round bat at 90 miles an hour. 1. Most people think that because football players are typically bigger than baseball players that football is more difficult. That Ted Williams hit a home run his last time up. Why Women Like Baseball More Than Football. 74. Cheerleaders at half time with bands. Watch Queue Queue. Which game is more difficult, baseball or football? Half time with bands. The players are more skilled, the announcers more talented. Baseball is the only sport in which the team that is winning must continue to play the game. This video is unavailable. The ballparks are better. 3 Cheerleaders at half time with bands. And then doing it better than anyone else ever. There’s nothing like the old ballgame I feel as credible as anyone to say this having been to nearly every Major League Baseball AND every National League Football stadium (I … (More after lunch.) I am going to give my Top-10 reasons why baseball is so much better than every other sport. Advertisement.


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