@PostMalone pic.twitter.com/1ihbKMz0T0. While each one has its fans (and its detractors), the best-rated of these current offerings is the artisanal cider The Muse, while the lowest-rated is Crisp Unfiltered. It’s the booziest of the bunch at 6 percent — so heads up there, folks. While Angry Orchard Crisp Unfiltered does have its fans, it is also the lowest-rated of any of that label's current offerings on RateBeer. The Muse, which Angry Orchard describes as "a bubbly, effervescent cider," is made out of both culinary and bittersweet apples and aged in barrels made of French oak. White Claw is the seltzer that put seltzers on the map. Its carb content, however, is higher than some of its counterparts at around 6 grams—though that’s still low for anyone looking to keep things low carb. While Four Loko hard seltzer may not be for the faint of heart, it’s a company that knows its brand and executes it well. Drinkability (1-10 scale): Is this a good drink for an event or tailgate? #TrulyHardSeltzer. In 2012, Boston Beer Company (makers of Sam Adams) released the first of their Angry Orchard line of ciders, and, according to Paste, it immediately catapulted past every other hard cider on the market to become the nation's best-selling brand. They’re light, boozy, gluten free, and have less sugar (read: hangovers) than some of their alcoholic counterparts. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. If someone brought this over for a dinner party, I’d gladly partake, but they’d probably hang out in the fridge for a while until someone else came over that wanted one. That being said, it’s also hard to imagine a world where there is a need for a 14% ABV seltzer. Spiked Seltzer's cranberry flavor beats both of these, and Truly offers double the amount of flavor options. 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The Muse is also the highest-rated of all Angry Orchard ciders (past and present) on RateBeer, with 3.84 out of 5 stars. For years hard cider was something that not too many people were really into... it kind got lost amongst all the other "malternatives," including wine coolers, alcopops, and even the oh-so-'90s Zima (this was way before the era of White Claw). Thoughts: Bon & Viv is one of the first seltzers I had, and it’s ... fine! I don’t really think the rosemary part is super necessary, but damn if that can isn’t the coolest of the bunch. 14, while The Old Fashioned was their top pick), neither are in the current Angry Orchard lineup. Don’t waste your time reading wordy think pieces about why hard seltzer is the biggest thing to hit the nation since prohibition ended because the answer is simple: we want to drink, but we don’t want to deal with the calories and carbs that come with sugary beverages or beer. That means you’re not even getting drunk as you suffer through it. It's #PostyStore vs. #PostyBar. . Its flavors are eclectic—with names like pomegranate ginger, grapefruit cardamom, blackberry hibiscus, pear chamomile, and lemongrass lime. Now, it's just the drink. For this reason, we’ve ranked some of the heavy hitters of the hard seltzer world to bring you a list of which ones to grab, and which ones to avoid, next time you hit the seltzer aisle at your local grocer—ranked from best to worst: You truly cannot go wrong. Truly Lime There is a reason that hot girl summer and hard seltzer summer both happened in the same year. Drink it if you value the finer things in life like gold kitchen accents and millennial pink skincare products. Catalina Lime Mixer is a play on Catalina Wine Mixer, something that I could have brushed off as coincidence if the cans didn’t also say, “When cherry and lime become best friends.”. It’s light enough (and no aftertaste) that it’s perfect for a tailgate or day on the lake. I’m here to help you outfit your celebration with the best hard seltzer. Mango Each one got two normal gulps to assess the beverage, and two lightly salted bagel chips were eaten between brands to cleanse the palate (it’s all I had at home). It is, however, rare, as Press is often only available in bougie markets and retailers (and Target). I entered the eight different brands into a random generator to obtain the testing order. It’s hard to imagine a world where Four Loko does not exist now that the box has been opened. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. RateBeer users gave Crisp Unfiltered 2.9 out of 5 stars, saying it was "[n]ot particularly crisp" and tasted of "overripe apples" with a "murky orange and brown" color. Paste ranked it No. The company announced its venture into the hard seltzer world in the most Four Loko way—plus its flavors sound just as toxic as the original brand’s does. Thoughts: I might ruffle some feathers, but I hated the movie Step Brothers. 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