Its internal space is pegged at 1.2 cubic feet, the highest we have seen so far amongst compact microwaves. Simple and effective. 90% of the time, we push one button to start the microwave. And instead of the annoying beep found on most microwaves, this one has a mildly audible signal, and if you wish to mute the buzzers, you simply need to press on the “8” button for 3-5 seconds, until you hear a long beep. This Toshiba 1. That’s a handy feature if you have friends or family members sleeping within earshot of the microwave. To time what you’re cooking, just input the desired setting, and you’re good to go. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound On/Off, 1.2 Cu.ft, 1100W, Black Stainless Steel: Home & Kitchen Your submission has been received! My best advice is get to know how it cooks, I have never had two ovens, especially convection ovens cook the same. The microwave can be turned on for one to six minutes at 100 percent Power by simply touching the number of minutes you would like to cook. 07*15*9. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. We live in a Brooklyn apartment with a separate kitchen; in other words—an anomaly. The Toshiba EM925 microwave will make you smile when you finally get one for yourself – honestly, you’ll smile. The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS is best for anyone seeking out a slightly bigger, more powerful 1,100-watt microwave. After a lot of product comparisons, I chose this Toshiba. If you have any further questions regarding this Toshiba EM131A5C-BS,please do not hesitate to contact us at or via our phone number 855-204-5313. If you’re in the market for a reliable microwave, we highly recommend it. Splatters of food are inevitable, but the slick surface allowed our sponge to glide seamlessly, and all spots disappeared within seconds. What you need to do instead is press “Time Cook,” then enter the time, and then press the Power Level button to change the level. It’s the perfect size to sit snuggly and it’s heavy enough to stay put despite the constant opening and closing of the fridge. Retailing for $120—but often on sale for $100 or less—this microwave is a modest investment. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our To make matters worse, most compact microwaves we reviewed lacked an option to mute sounds save for one. Moreover, it also has a defrosting option for different sorts of dishes and foods. Obviously, as with all microwaves, the glass turntable can be removed to be cleaned, either by hand or in the dishwasher. The microwave timer suddenly jumped to seven minutes, as it attempted to defrost just three bananas. If you are looking for a new countertop appliance you should take a look at the Toshiba EM131A5C. This small microwave is the compact sized Toshiba EM925 microwave. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. DWYM is your trusted product review source. Ease of use is important when shopping for the best portable microwave. SCRIPPS CO., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Splatters of food are inevitable, but the slick surface allowed our sponge to glide seamlessly, and all spots disappeared within seconds. Roadtrippers will love that this portable microwave comes with a mute button for the buzzer. The first thing we noticed about the Toshiba Microwave Oven was its size. But I'm also going to buy a smaller microwave and clear up some counter space for more fruit. If you have small children in the home, you’ll also appreciate the included child safety lock, which helps prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring. Moreover, it also has a defrosting option for different sorts of dishes and foods. Sometimes, however, you may face some stuck-on foods that are hard to remove. However, the exact same thing happened: the Power Level button did not appear to work if you follow the instructions in the manual. Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. Lest we forget, the unit is noticeably quiet when it’s in use. The unit includes 20.5” x 17.1” x 12.8” and equip with a 12.4” turntable. It is, therefore, important that you take note of your countertop space as this will determine which size you’re buying. So, we asked for a new microwave, which Amazon sent us. We got the stainless steel version for our review. Grab a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with water. A unit with 700W will do just fine. Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2017. The outside got pretty warm but I could still put my hand on it and it was not as warm as a convection toaster oven I own. If it is a product quality issue, our Toshiba team will bear the freight. It seems average size to me, not overly large but I'm used to a built-in and this is smaller than that! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the near future. Gemelli twin oven reviews – does it have rotisserie feature? When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. That means a late-night snack or an early morning cup of tea are possible without waking up the rest of your sleeping passengers. Turntable diameter: 12. Aside from the size, we loved the sleek, stainless steel body of this particular Toshiba model. Set your cooking times while you do something else. The microwave comes with quick start buttons for the pre-programmed functions. It looks similar to our main pick, the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS, but offers a few more express … It … Thank you! Did we even mention how cool the timer on the unit is? There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from India, Unlimited FREE fast delivery, video streaming & more. The control panel sports an interior LED light which illuminates it appropriately. We tried all settings immediately as we didn't want a surprise later when it's to late to send back. After more than 16 hours of research and testing, our top pick goes to the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Speed Cooking Microwave with Smart Sensor. Free Shipping. If I enter about 50% of the actual weight of the item, the recommended time is about right. Consider whether you really need a microwave with all the bells and whistles. We’ve never owned a microwave with this one-touch functionality, but we quickly grew accustomed to it. Turn the microwave on for 2 minutes and then wait another 30 seconds before you open the microwave door. The Toshiba models were at the top of the list for even cooking (use potatoes for testing), best popcorn performance with the least amount of kernels left at the end, good defrost performance, intuitive easy to use controls and their one year warranty you supposedly don't send the unit back, rather you provide them with a receipt and they issue you a refund cheque which is much appreciated. Stylista Microwave Oven Cover for IFB 23 L Convection 23BC4 (Free Fridge/Oven/Wardr... Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Convection Microwave with Sensor Cooking Function, 1.5 Cu.ft, Stainless Steel, Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE73JD/XTL, Black), Bosch 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (HMB55C463X, Black), LG 32 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven (MJEN326SF, Black), Haier 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (HIL2001CSPH, Silver), Samsung 35 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC35J8085PT/TL, Black), Tovolo 81-31531 Microwave Cover, 10.5 inch, Charcoal, Tovolo 81-31548 Microwave Cover 10.5 inch Stratus Blue, Black & Decker TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven, Black/Silver, Black & Decker Stainless Steel 4-Slice Slot Bagel Toaster, Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven(NN-GT221WFDG,White, 38 Auto Cook Menus ). One of the immeasurable upsides to this particular device is the ease of cleaning. On top of the digital control panel is the LCD screen with timer capability. External dimensions: 20.5’’*17.1’’*12.8 ’’ (W*D*H). Total stain magnets. It is still big enough and powerful enough to get the job done right each time. If additional cooking time is needed while the microwave is running, press the start button to add an additional 30 seconds of cooking time. The Toshiba EM131A microwave uses 1100W of power to cook food in a matter of minutes. As far as the Frozen Pizza preset goes, we refuse to cook a pizza in a microwave as opposed to an oven, so we may never know if it works. They include defrost by weight, cook by weight, and speed defrost, not to mention, the 6 cooking preset functions. $111), you can toggle its beeping sound on and off, enabling a quiet operation. It also has a Soften/Melt button for butter, chocolate, cheese, and marshmallows. If I enter about 50% of the actual weight of the item, the recommended time is about right. Secondly, we noticed when shopping for microwaves that some models, such as the Panasonic Microwave Oven (view on Amazon), offer a feature that keeps food warm. A few other features that make this unit stand out include a power saving mode, a large digital display and glass turntable. I bought this as a gift for my Mom as her new house didn't have a built in microwave and the idea of an extra oven for holidays appealed to her. We stopped it about halfway through the process, and the fruit seemed soft enough. You can take this out and wash it along with the rest of your dishes. Squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice or add a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar. In reality, though, a microwavable dinner is sometimes all we can muster after a draining nine-to-five and a taxing commute home. EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor . This model offers surprising power and a wide array of one-touch and defrost settings in a compact unit designed to … When comparing the cost of portable microwaves, you’ll need to factor in the size, which is typically listed in cubic feet, and the number of watts the microwave uses for power. There are more than 5 newer microwaves on the market. Compact microwaves are designed to be kept on the countertop because of their small sizes. Mute Sound: We found out during the course of our review, that beep sounds from some microwaves can sometimes be annoying.


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