The second sentence is an interrogative sentence. I think I’ve led a pretty happy life. Led (which rhymes with head) is the past tense of the verb lead (which rhymes with need). A) The footprints have (lead/led) straight to the home of the thief. Sources said that in the meeting, the long-awaited Scrappage Policy will be discussed and the industry will urge the government to bring the policy as soon as possible for strengthening the sector. Sign up for a monthly round-up of the best from C) It has always been my dream to (lead/led) my country. “Led” is a verb, but “lead” can be a noun, adjective, and verb. > Which one is correct, “the meeting will be held today” or “will the meeting be held on today”? As for "to a win", although grammatically correct, "to a victory" would be more fitting. OK, so what about a future event? It also means using good facilitation skills and often calling on people who might otherwise remain silent. Gadkari has earlier stated that the automobile sector is one of the most important sectors in the country and is one of the most significant contributors for employment generation apart from its contribution to the country's GDP. Meeting leaders: Ensure that everyone has an equal chance to contribute. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern says she has plans for wedding, but no decisi... Football pitch turns into execution ground: Islamist militants behead over... COVID-19 bears heavy on Japan's suicide rates, highest level in 5 year... Atmanirbhar 3.0: Key takeaways from Sitharaman's measures on income ta... ICICI Digital Store Management platform: Convert kirana shop to online stor... Diwali Dhamaka: Market picks up after eight months, trade estimated at Rs 6... Bumper Dhamaka: Bank employees to get 15 per cent salary hike with PLI, Sony PlayStation 5 goes on sale, here's how much it costs, EU proposal for access to encrypted chats faces flak. “Your vote helps determine how this country will be led.”. Wayne is based in Chicago, IL. Meeting leaders: document action items and get commitment from the parties involved. After checking your answers, remember to share this guide with a friend who may also find it useful! Wayne Turmel is a speaker, writer and co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute. B) Ben (lead/led) the class activity yesterday, so it’s Karen’s turn today. Running a brainstorm? What's making the difference? Meeting runners: Use the minimum technology possible to "keep things simple". The first sentence is correct as it is. Instagram down for nearly 24 hours as users unable to refresh feed; login i... Five major takeaways from Apple's 'One More Thing' event. ; Lead is a … It rhymes with “seed.” Example: After going through all those definitions for “lead,” hopefully “led” won’t seem so bad! They let people know in advance the objectives to be gained from the meeting, what should be accomplished during the meeting , what everyone's role will be and how to come prepared. “Lead” vs. “Led”: Do You Know the Difference. Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and the auto industry will meet to discuss several issues facing the sector on Monday. They follow up the meeting by making sure everyone knows who is accountable for what. There are specific grammatical rules for using led and lead, so knowing the difference will help your writing look smarter and ensure there is no confusion for anyone reading it.. Running an online meeting is a matter of showing up.


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