I bought my Bruno about 5 years ago to help with heavy medical charts I am 46 an have back and knee issues I love this cart it has been a blessing from day one. Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart, Easily Collapsible and Portable to Save Space and Heavy Duty, Light Weight Trolley with Rolling Swivel Wheels. Some say that it does not stay completely flat when collapsed, Traditional store shopping cart design with two shelves, Top shelf is foldable to convert into a dolley, Push button to fold cart flat for easy storage, Many say easy to maneuver and to go over stairs, Ideal for seniors looking for a typical shopping cart model and to hold on to while walking, Users say it is comfortable for a variety of heights, Best multi-purpose option as the cart converts into three different states, Stiff plastic handle may not be comfortable for all seniors, Will not keep items dry if used outdoors in inclement weather, Only a push motion for maneuvering which some seniors may not prefer over pulling, Heavier and larger than other cart options, Some say the instructions to assemble are slightly challenging to follow, Adjustable handle for three different heights, Two 360 degree swivel front wheels and two large 7” diameter back wheels for navigating curbs, Swivel wheels provide easy maneuverability and the ability for seniors to push or pull the cart, Easy to fold for compact storage in small living spaces, Many say easy to assemble, you only need to add on the wheels, Lack of bag allows seniors to assess what groceries they’ve already added to their cart with ease. However, a four-wheeled cart may have more maneuverability with the four swivel wheels and the senior would not have to pull the cart up in order to have it stand upright. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Plan your shopping trip ahead of time to avoid having too much stuff on your hands at the checkout. Runs a bit heavier than some other carts.

A good quality shopping cart comes with rubber wheels or a mixture of rubber and plastic. The soft, ergonomic handle is comfortable for seniors – even those who have issues with joint pain or arthritis. Spend. See items customers recommended most in reviews and Q&A. Perhaps someone they know can sew a comfortable fabric sheath to go over the handle if it does not have one? The handle is a single bar that can be extended to your desired length and the basket is made of canvas. At 15 pounds, cart weighs a bit more than some other models. Opt for a cart with a metal frame over other materials. Some say the bag requires multiple steps to keep it secure to the metal frame. Stair Climber Trolley Dolly Shopping Cart. 99. Choose between an exposed basket made of metal or one with a dolly construction that features a bag attachment. The front wheel is a universal wheel and easy to rotate. Grocery shopping is an essential part of our everyday lives; however, this can be a difficult process for some seniors. Does the cart need to fit easily into a car?

This soft fabric carts doubles as a dolly. How many wheels are ideal for a shopping cart? You get double rubber wheels in the front and in the rear, making this cart remarkably easy to navigate. Personal shopping carts are smaller than their grocery store counterparts but still offer plenty of space and better maneuverability.

Getting even the largest loads of groceries home is easy when you treat yourself to one of the durable, convenient and spacious personal shopping carts … Subscribe to our newsletter to get our best senior safety tips delivered straight in your inbox! Consider which option is easiest for your senior to use considering their dexterity and strength. Purchased this for my 70 year old mother. Purchased this for my father who lives in a Senior Living Center.…, As a senior I found this cart.so easy to assemble.…. This basket comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, red and teal.

A poor-quality shopping cart, however, may claim to have a high weight limit but performance will decrease as you load it up. Even steep stairs are easy to get up and down while pulling heavy loads. Please choose UPS Worldwide options available to prevent delays in expediting your order! The Playmarket We Go shopping cart weighs only 10 lbs and can carry up to 66 lbs. This folding cart, like all folding carts is not appropriate to be used as a walker, or to "steady" someone who is unsteady on their feet. 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,172. Made of hard plastic, this compact cart includes a telescoping handle, two wheels, and can stand upright. Adjustable handles are useful if multiple people in your household will be using the cart. Our Big Bruno Folding Cart is sturdily constructed of steel painted with a highly durable, epoxy finish. Would it be easier to pull a bungee that has some resistance to it or would it be easier to pull a drawstring and then pull apart the top of the bag to take out the groceries? The upper section holds up to 55 lbs of weight and features a nice looking removable bag that lets you load and remove your groceries with ease. Most shopping carts fold down for easy storage. Front wheels only go straight ahead instead of swiveling. While metal is long-lasting, it’s likely to be noisy on concrete, especially if the sidewalks are full of cracks and bumps. Among our line of folding carts, Big Bruno is the strongest and heaviest cart we carry. Capable of holding 90 lbs, this storage bag has a cover to protect items from inclement weather. Plastic is likely to show more wear and tear over time compared to metal or rubber. Most bags are detachable, so check if the manufacturer also sells bags separately, and you can purchase a few to swap them out. is an incredibly durable and roomy cart for handling significant loads. Ability to transport heavy items without being taxing on the senior.

888-833-8875 Use a cart to load up picnic supplies for your next family cookout, or pile on the beach gear for an easy stroll from the parking lot to the sand. Learn about the products you’re wondering if you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases.

Though 360º swivel wheels may seem like the best option, they’re not always entirely necessary.

There is also a swinging handle and rim handles so you can pick up the basket and carry it through the grocery store if you prefer. Seniors can also have the flexibility to pull out the canvas bag if there are a few items out of reach at the bottom. Overall, pricy for what you get. You can purchase a liner for your cart or put groceries in bags, though. They are also great for on-the-job use; for everything from maintenance and repair workers to teachers working in schools with shared classrooms, who may need a portable storage container for their assignments and materials. This will allow the senior to safely put away their groceries without a lot of reaching or bending down too low and losing their balance. Beneficial for seniors who like to do their own shopping, who live close to a grocery store and can walk there, or for seniors who cannot drive. At your service! I used it to take trash to the dumpster and it made life so much easier. Does the senior tend to lean on carts for support while walking?

He developed it in an effort to allow … The wheels on this model perform well on flat surfaces but they have a bit of a learning curve and sometimes swivel without control. It was perfect. The Kofull shopping cart is sturdy, reliable, rust-proof, and comes with a waterproof cloth. Another handy bonus – this cart can function as a dolly capable of transporting up to 150lbs when you remove the bag. …I recommend this for everyone, especially if your a senior citizen! I bought this for my 83 yr old mother, who still works full-time as a teacher's aid.

A well-built shopping cart made with a sturdy metal frame will cost, , you’ll find cheap options that are best for handling light loads and feature lower weight limits. The Pipishell is extremely compact and folds easily. The company behind the product has been producing stroller designs for more than 15 years and confidently stand behind their product. There are also two separate handles with contoured grips, making this a comfortable cart for elderly individuals with arthritis. Lightweight and easy to pack up into a car trunk or backseat. Just like the Goplus it comes assembled and ready to use, you’ll only need to snap on the front swivel wheels. The wheels roll smoothly over hardwood floors and concrete, and the bag inside the basket is waterproof and easy to remove. This cart is very easy to assemble. This is a good cart but too heavy for me to put in my car trunk.

About: The eight swivel wheels allow this folding cart to roll over stairs, rough terrain and can move heavy items whether they be groceries, laundry, office supplies, books, tools, etc. Your standard grocery store cart typically has four wheels, but personal carts may have either two or four wheels. This cart is not a good choice for a shopping cart if intended for an elderly or frail individual. They were out of black so I got a red one which matches the gig bag colors exactly. Too bad, it’s otherwise a great cart! If you’re an impulsive shopper, wear a backpack on your trip just in case you need to lug a few extra items that don’t fit into your cart. This cart is capable of holding up to 220 lbs and contains 6 pockets for extra storage. She likes it. Metal frames can allow for small groceries to slip out, so if you do opt for a metal-framed cart, make sure to add an inner bag.


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