Loss of tribal land to non-tribal peoples is a major problem facing Santals in Jharkhand and continues with the government turn a blind eye to it. The bongas are to be revered, feared, called upon to intercede for the welfare of the Santal, and propitiated with blood-sacrifice and other offerings. Only some 37.6% of 5- to 15-year-old Santals attend school and only 13.2% of the population graduates from high school. Culture name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) with the alphanumberic OWC identifier in parenthesis. After the cremation, her cousins organized a Jati Panchayat, to which she was invited. The boy leaves his family and stays with his wife and his in-laws. LOCATION: India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland states) 1, 2014 15 Pages Posted: 5 … Some movement towards it has already happened in this region. studies (1942-1945).

While the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and the Jews who have distinct laws, the Scheduled Tribes in India are governed by their uncodified customary laws of inheritance and enjoy constitutional protection of their culture and identity.

Monograph, Language: Language that the document is written in ... Vi Devouring By Leopard Or Tiger, Xi The Illegitimate Child, Vii The Responsibility For Treatment, Viii Claims And Adjustments, Vi The Pot Of The Departed, Ix Eliciting The Cause Of Death, X The Role Of The Jadupatia, Xi The Journey To The River, Xiii The Substitute Bhandan, Xvi The Rights Of The Dead, 40 The Trial Of Santal Suits, I The Santal Civil Courts, Ii The Technique Of Trial, Iii The Village Officials, V Succession And Partition, Viii The Rights Of Women, Volume Two Bitlaha A Report On Santal Criminal Law, 41 Criminal Justice In Tribal India, 42 The Santals And The Indian Penal Code, 43 Village Order And Discipline, Viii Reservation By Condka, 44 Village Welfare And Security, V The Function Of Festivals, Vii The Provocation Of Bongas, Ix Taboos On Women And Men, 45 The Menace Of Witchcraft, Iii The Ritual Of Meetings, Vii Confirmation Of The Diagnosis, I The Santal Attitude To Sex, Ii Rules Of Language And Behaviour, Iii Conventions Of Meeting, Iv Bahonharea And Ajhnarea, Vii Tribal Integrity And Kin Incest, Ix Other Types Of Forbidden Relations, X The Consequences Of Incest, 47 The Significance Of Food, Ii The Punishment Of Minor Offences, Iii Major Crime: The Summoning Of The Village, Iv Trial By A Village Council, Ix Elight And The Culprit’s Family, Xi The Sending Of The Dharwak’, Xii The Recall Of The Dharwak’, Xiii The Reception Of The Disom Hor, Xvi The Significance Of Bitlaha, Xvii The Consequence Of Bitlaha, Xviii The Return To Caste: Jom Jati, Xix The Santal Attitude To Bitlaha, Ii The Santal Attitude To Dikus, Iii The Investigation Of Offences, V The Consequences Of Flight, Vi The Custom Of Diku Bitlaha, Vii Offences With Diku Girls, Viii The Attitude Of Dikus, Ix The Santal Attitude To Diku Bitlahas, 50 The Administration Of Justice, I Santals And The Courts, Ii The Criteria For Santal Justice, Iii Santals And The Police, Iv The Treatment Of Major Crimes, Vi Application For Maintenance, Vii The Treatment Of Witchcraft, Viii The Effects Of Imprisonment, Experiments In Suppression, Xii The Control Of Bitlaha, Volume Three Civil Justice In Tribal India With Special Reference To The Santal Parganas, Iii The Chittagong Hill Tracts, 53 Tribal Justice In The Santal Parganas, 54 The Settlement And Santal Justice, 55 The Future Of Santal Justice, Appendix I Christians And The Law, (c) Oaths With Hindu Influence, (d) Oaths By Snake Or Tiger, Appendix Iii Attesting Authorities, Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author date).
At issue was who could be called a resident of Jharkhand and thus be eligible for "reserved" government jobs. Dishes are also prepared from edible roots, leaves, and mushrooms collected in the forest. Dancing, too, is an important part of Santal life and there are specific dances that accompany the songs. ." LANGUAGE: Gondi

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