Basically, we do what we think is best with the information we have at the time! Is there a carbonated tea type drink without sugar? It is one of their Wellness Collection teas. This article is a good place to start. It has been a hard struggle and I’ve tried many times to give it up.

I was that way for much of my life. There is no way to look at our health crisis and health care crisis in North America and not link it with what is clearly a deeply broken food system. Keep up the good work!! Congrats and thanks for the encouragement! I relate to your post as I gave up Coke Zero cold turkey two months ago.
Red Bull makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack! You don’t need Diet Coke. We met in Thailand before? Today, I am no longer addicted to Diet Coke and that is all thanks to the initial six week cleanse in which I did not consume a single sip (more about my current consumption later.) (Soda water is about half the price of Diet Coke here in Thailand.) But once you come to terms with the fact you need to quit your Diet Coke habit once and for all, you’ll begin on a journey to a better, healthier and happier you. Not to say the road to freedom is anything but littered with obstacles. If it were so easy to quit, wouldn’t we all just choose the clean life? Our food system looks nothing like it did 50 years ago & is unrecognisable from our diet 100 years ago. Drinking Diet Coke was so much a part of both my daily routine and my identity I don’t think I ever could have started had that been my intention. I’ll check that one out! And I look forward to more health-related posts! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For the addict, Diet Coke is as vital to his or her existence as coffee. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM I admit that I love coming home from school on a friday and grabbing an ice cold Diet Coke to enjoy. Now 34 years later….. My uncle — who once ran a Coca Cola museum! I’m doing this knowing it is unhealthy and ultimately will make me more tired and groggy later today.

I’ve had an embarrassing amount of cavities. Read more: What Every Woman Who Drinks Caffeine Needs to Know. Very quickly after giving up Diet Coke, those cravings all but disappeared.

I never, ever had any negative side effects from drinking Diet Coke — no headaches, no sore stomach, nada — which made it easy to shrug off for so many years. Giving up Diet Coke is giving up caffeine. Thank you! Not sure what you mean by that Tony, ha. Congratulations on your success! Thank you for your story! And I FEEL YOU on the dental bills. I am going to start gathering info and a plan.. However, if you have a condition called phenylketonuria, or PKU, which is a genetic disorder, phenylalanine can cause serious problems, including brain damage, intellectual disabilities and seizures. I’m a regular Coca Cola Addict- 2-4 cans a day and I am currently on day 2 of stopping it. You got this. I LOVE not being addicted to Diet Coke. ?

I think you would really like it. There are times when you nearly cave. Good for you, girl. My fellow recovered addict!! Thanks for saying hi! We’re all different with varying abilities to cope with the potentially toxic agents we consume. Read more: Which Diet Sodas Do Not Contain Aspartame? Copyright © She graduated with honors from New York University and completed her clinical internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

If I’m staying in a house where I have any input over what’s in the fridge, I keep it Diet Coke-free to avoid the temptation. Which apparently makes a difference…. Then I got hit with a mysterious chronic health condition that made me examine everything. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments. I wasn’t sure if I’d lose weight but gaining is stressing me out. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse I have always considered myself to have an insane sweet tooth and ravenously consumed candy, desserts and all kinds of sugary goodness on a near-daily bases. I’ve managed to drop down to 3 cans a week. I think with your suggestion of tea and a soda stream, it may be possible. Good luck to you! This is it, I’m done with aspartame for good. Your article gives me hope- thanks for writing it! Not even ridiculous dental bills seem to deter me!

That takes a lot of hard work and willpower, and I know that first hand. It completely changes your palate! Copyright © 2009 – 2018 Alex in Wanderland. Whoa, I’ve never heard of Water Joe! By Erica Mesirov, Contributor. True addiction or not, giving up your Diet Coke may cause a bit of emotional stress. I agree it’s easier in Asia… I literally can’t believe that even McDonald’s in Bangkok doesn’t have fountain Diet Coke! may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Today, recognizing that my cravings are at least partially a result of choices I’ve made has actually been incredibly empowering. I’m not a diet soda drinker but I am an insane seltzer water drinker. I cannot stand Coke- regular or diet – only have it after an endurance event like a half marathon or 100km cycle race or if severely hungover and have a hockey match in Hong Kong summer. Subscribe to receive posts and/or my weekly newsletter by email. Get a fun, easy-to-drink stainless steel bottle that you love and will want to take everywhere, and have a jug or filter in your fridge so you have easy access to cold, ready-to-go tap water anytime. Well, whatever gets you past the finish line!

I didn’t think about that when considering bringing one back here with me in the fall, ha ha. It made me feel empowered, it removed a frequent hassle from my life, and it was a major game-changer in the healthier lifestyle I am always trying to cultivate. Are you a current or reformed diet soda addict? And that steely resolve was inspired by research I did as part of my DIY Health Retreat. In retrospect, I guess it was. per day without too much trouble. I’m always struggling with my Diet Coke habit and am taking this as motivation. It’s really nice to still enjoy the treats we love and not feel powerless over them. And I didn’t have room to pack a ton of them with me… But at least there’s canned carbonated water at my local corner store here in Beijing .
I hated feeling so beholden to something! You think everything is going to be fine. I should probably note that Diet Coke was the only soda I ever really drank — I think Coca Cola tastes repulsive and outside of the rare diet root beer or craft soda on some sort of special occasion (hello, artisanal sodas at a county fair! How is it going so far? I have some headaches and nausea but I just keep drinking water.

You feel almost nostalgic for Diet Coke. ", University of Washington: "Hydration 101: It's More Than You Drink", PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. . As a raging Coca-Cola addict myself, you inspire me. You read an article that says “Aspartame linked to Alzheimer’s” & think well, aspartame must cause alzheimer’s, I’ll just avoid that and be good. Alas, I think it’s more about the sugar than the caffeine for me. Honestly, I was so sick of my days being ruined because of a can of soda (or lack thereof). Hey – good for you! venously consumed candy, desserts and all kinds of sugary goodness on a near-daily bases.


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