In this chamber the player can find the first Rattman den, hinting at the reality of the tests as well as the fact that there possibly are other people still trapped in the building. This chamber was originally intended to be a long level called the "cube run," in which players would carry the cube through a number of challenges. GLaDOS stays true to her guise as a prerecorded voice by telling an "android" that "android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance" to trick the player more into thinking that she is only a prerecorded computer voice. Playtesters were often frustrated, however, as too many new mechanics were presented at once. This may require several tries, as it is often hard to turn around and land on the lift itself, due to the fact that the first portal will most likely face you the wrong direction when exiting it. The furnace waiting for the Companion Cube.

Additional elements of the story's background are developed from the fictional Aperture Science website created by Valve for the game. This chamber can be completed without even leaving the first room, omitting most of the level. Once you are on, simply walk through the Emancipation Grill and into the elevator. The Nice Little Jellyfish is an Easter egg which can be found in this level. Within a Portal Chamber, players can build portals that can teleport the player to various locations around RuneScape.

This is the first chamber available for challenges of least portals, least steps, and least time. As GLaDOS says: "Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. Additional elements of the story's background are developed from the fictional Aperture Science website created by Valve for the game. Gameplay tactics and walkthrough information should not be included, unless they are related to the plot. The table below shows the fourteen possible locations and their costs. Place a portal in front of the High Energy Pellet Catcher (marked by an orange light) when the pellet has passed through your original portal. A simple energy pellet trick is required followed by a time-limited sequence on an Unstationary Scaffold., Assigning a portal to a teleport destination costs 100 times the runes for that particular. Chell wakes up at the Enrichment Center's gate, among the wreckage of GLaDOS, as debris rains down from the sky. The concept of flinging was one of the hardest concepts for the developers to convey causing the test chamber to go through more iterations than almost any of the other test chambers. Observe the orange portal on the platform across the room; place a portal and walk on to said platform. The enrichment center apologizes for the inconvenience and wishes you the best of luck.". The final cutscene twists and turns the camera through various areas of the Enrichment Center eventually stopping in a dark room in which sits the promised cake surrounded by various metallic glowing orange spheres similar to those that were installed in GLaDOS. The song seems to hint that GLaDOS is, indeed, still alive. According to Valve developers, the previous stages were constructed to introduce the basic concepts of. This chamber is notable because of the introduction of another character: the Companion Cube. If the background is left alone for long enough, it eventually pans to show the Companion Cube on the floor to the right side of the desk. A new concept is introduced known as flinging. This level introduces turrets, three-foot-tall gun-toting tripods that shoot when they see a target or are tipped over. Advanced versions were made from this chamber to 18.


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