Also in this episode: how difficult is it to win an accent bias lawsuit? And how can we overcome our biases? In this episode, we talk with American medical student Esther Kim (pictured). The West Wing Weekly, a fan podcast about The West Wing TV show, gets the Canadian Prime Minister as a guest. We chat Week 4, Highlight TE Jason Witten, and our predictions for how COVID will affect the season. I hope you aren't too tired of my stories. Studios: Larx Entertainment Stream it here: Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity) Listen & Subscribe to Subtitled here: Apple …, This Sunday we were privileged to have Pastor Scott Douma share with us from the topic of "The Church"By izu, What can the Orioles learn from how the Dodgers and Rays were built? Download the transcript as a pdf for later, or read the subtitles as you listen. It is the fourth in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster of the same name and features Donnie Yen reprising the role. (Spoiler alert: she does sound Black.) Subtitle on Apple Podcasts. Along the way, we’ll ask: Is speech a good barometer of identity? Photos: Nola Cox and Sauli Pillay. How to be awesome at creating, editing, structuring and uploading a transcript? Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. But that’s make-believe, right? And of course to speak “like a Texan.” While she barely meets those expectations, Tina has come to realize that she speaks more Texas English than she thought. For Halftime we chat hobbies for a coming LOOOOONG Winter. Read a transcript of this episode here. For Halftime, sorry, we talk more sports. To learn all about developing games on Xbox or Windows, see Read a transcript of this episode here. If yo…, In the latest Dispatch from the Scenius, Gene Kim shares David Silverman’s 2020 presentation from DevOps Enterprise Summit London - Virtual. Patrick Cox and Kavita Pillay tell the stories of people with all kinds of linguistic passions: comedians, writers, researchers; speakers of endangered languages; speakers of multiple languages; and just speakers—people like you and me. For Halftime, we chat tips for great sleep...most of which we are not following. Music by Blue Dot Sessions, Podington Bear and Ranky Tanky. Language unites and divides us. She’s used to non-Texans expecting her to know all about oil-drilling and ranching. Hey, he's under contract. We can’t hug or visit loved ones. All podcasts are accompanied by worksheets, tapescripts, and vocabulary tasks. Susanna Zaraysky, speaker of nine languages, is one of those people who seem able to pick up French or Portuguese almost overnight. Ciku Theuri is a producer with WBUR/NPR public radio show, Here & Now. On most occasions, I don't believe there are bad intentions. The photo of Heeja…, Here’s a guest episode from our friends at A Better Life?, a podcast from Feet in 2 Worlds about the immigrant experience in the time of COVID-19. Many never returned to the city. Jane Setter’s book about speech and accent bias is Your Voice Speaks Volumes. Erez Levon teaches sociolinguistics at Queen Mary University of London and is  the principal investigator of the Accent Bias in Britain project. Subtitles and closed captioning are Accessibility features that let anyone with a hearing impairment still enjoy any movie, TV show, podcast, and iTunes U video labeled with a CC in the iTunes Store. Music in this episode by Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions, Particle House and Treadline. Music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions, Podington Bear, Spectacles Wallet and Watch, Honeycutts, Alan Carlson-Green, Moss Harman, Josef Bel Habib and Arthur Benson. Well, it’s complicated— enough so to spend Subtitle’s next four episodes on this question. She’s used to non-Texans expecting her to know all about oil-drilling and ranching. This is following the recent news that YouTube has decided to censor potential profanity in their auto-captions just in case…, So thrilled to have Danielle back guest co-hosting! LAMI: Welcome to Subtitled, a podcast where two fake film students take a look at popular movies and TV shows. Review our. Subtitles on a podcast? He likely isn't wearing a sh…, Charlie Hoppes joins Matt and Josh as we look back at what made this season fun for the Orioles and can next year be fun too Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Section 336, The new SAP Equestrian Experience Center at the Riding Club Walldorf makes innovative technologies in equestrian sports tangible. ‘Authentic’ or ‘lab-grown’? Still, it's time we stop using these words, particularly as we tend to frown upon those phrases and there are better choices o…, Contact me here: Twitter: @SubtitledPod What happens when you mix a romance with mystery and horror? Is this show wholesome or risque? Many never returned to the city. Listen & Subscribe to Subtitled here: Apple Podcast Google Podcast Amazon Music Stitcher or your favorite podcast app! Music in this episode by Fareed Sajan. ‘Bloodstained’ or ‘green’? @Aluesnoc What's your favorite unheard of anime?By Aluesnoc, Episode 84 - When having a conversation with another person, there are certain cues, clues and non-verbal communication methods that I watch out for to allow me to understand what's going on better. In this episode, we hear from linguist Elena Semino, editor of a crowd-sourced publication called the Metaphor Menu intended for people with cancer. Discover how to make passive income online from your home, The Movie Of The Invisible Man | ✔Google.Drive | ✔mp4 HD | Free Movies Streaming, Yeah, Well, That's Just Like, Your Opinion Man: A Monthly Lebowski, Watching the The Big Lebowski once a month with diffrent people to see how many takes I can get on the film, ツPLAY➔ Bad Boys for Life ➔WatCh《 》2020, Bad Boys for Life The MOvies 2020 WATCH HERE >> Yaaay! Although she has a Colombian passport, her Spanish doesn’t sound... We are how we speak, right? Join the subtitle freedom movement on my site and get weekly updates from me on Fridays, as well as my free video and guide on how to understand what you watch. Good luck. The Idealcast with Gene Kim by IT Revolution. Phillip Carter is the author of many articles on Spanish in the United States. SAP TV keeps you up to date on the latest events, IT trends, and innovative solutions from SAP. Photo courtesy Sunn M’Cheaux. Her friends wanted to know. In folklore and fiction there’s a rich tradition of trees that talk, from Greek mythology to The Wizard of Oz. Subscribe to our daily newsletter by email, free, Your daily briefing for podcasting and on-demand, interviews the team behind Racist Sandwich, How to make kids’ podcasts, and why you should, six tips on how to start and grow a podcast, New podcasts in sport, business, parenting and Vegas, plus two conferences on Sep 8, The misappreciated art of podcasting, speed listening, and Hollywood, Aussie podcast research, and Pocket Casts on Sonos, Breaking: the hidden, built-in, podcast app in your Android phone, Speed-listening, a 94 year-old podcaster, and release forms, The next big genre for podcasting, plus jobs and a guide for journalists, How to sponsor a podcast well, plus dentists, scientists and murderers, IAB's new podcast measurement guidelines, Edison Research's Tom Webster, and podcasting to increase in popularity. It mystifies and delights us. But you are missing out on so much more. Intro Music: Amaterasu by Flerovium Background Music: Dark Alley By HeatleyBros Outro Music: Anime by Emmit FennBy Aluesnoc, Episode Notes LAMI: Hey, this is Lami Zhang VICTORIA: This is Victoria Benefield. Language unites and divides us. Although she has a Colombian passport, her Spanish doesn’t sound Colombian— at least that’s what people tell her.


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