), If you have air-checks or other materials that you'd like to contribute, send an email to info AT nyradioarchive.com (replace the "space AT space" with an "@" sign.). I first heard him when I was in high school and he was on WABC. We have the ability to make AM sound fantastic but no one is interested so it sounds terrible...unlistenable, really. After immersing himself in NYC Top-40 radio, Mark attended Cornell, then to Syracuse’s Upstate Medical Center and became a physician. And if anyone made the mistake of being an "early adopter", they would be sorry within the next few years when RCA introduced the 45RPM single. Schwartz left WNYC under controversial circumstances in December of 2017. What most people don't realize is that during the first few weeks of the rock format, Alison was scheduled during the day between Jonathan Schwartz doing 10-1pm and Muni doing 4-7. The success of the LP was never guaranteed because every phonograph in existence had to be replaced. The Tesla Bust and Memorial at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava at 15 West 25th St. Two fictional novels about Tesla: "Tesla: A Portrait with Masks: A Novel" by Vladimir Pistalo and "The Invention of Everything Else" by Samantha Hunt. As a result, often his questions sounded a bit interminable. Listen To WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York, The Flagship Station For New York Sports. Muni was a Scotch aficionado who had the ability to function flawlessly even after imbibing. He maintains a YouTube channel with song parodies under the screenname RadioPackRat. Her first job in travel was on the website Frommers.com, and eventually she worked her way up to Editor in Chief. Secondly, it would be cheap, I would imagine, to start an AM station. While there, he co-created a "Media In America" course that was originally taught by Dave Herman and later by Pete Fornatale. The stations of that era had much bigger playlists (by virtue of the fact that they didn't have playlists) and they played a much greater diversity of music. "Skynyrd refuses to go on." As a result, there have been at least three different versions of "Love Me Do" released. Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. A second Pete Fornatale Archive was launched at the Library of the Performing Arts at Lincon Center on the evening of September 26, 2019. In fact, it may go down in history as the single worst interview in WNEW-FM's 30 year history. "Entries are judged on how well the material would fit into the current marketplace, as Book Pipeline producer partners are continuously seeking diverse, universally appealing projects revolving around real people and real events. Here's a photo we took of Sir Paul at the march a few weeks ago. In his memoir "Rocking America," Sklar wrote that Muni demanded he "Get that song off my show!" This book covers everything about the Woodstock Festival not covered in the many other books about the festival. All this comes from The Clinton, administration. Listen to OTA radio: 6.7% He wouldn't accept it. WNYC-FM 93.9. But in December, Schwartz would extend his show until 2pm, Muni took over the 2pm to 7pm shift until early 1968 and Alison moved to midnight starting January 1, 1968. good, thanks for airing the president's remarks as they were cut most channels... Love you Mark your the best, keep up the good work for America you know shit haha. "I Am What I Play" now available on Vimeo. Like many of us, he used to listen for the chart positions of each song and write the surveys down each week. On July 30th of that year The Troggs were the first group played on New York's first FM rock station WOR-FM. Imagine a station that played great music w/out ever touching Hotel California (if I HEAR THAT SONG ONE MORE EFFING TIME I AM GOING TO GO NUTS). He resides in Garfield, New Jersey. He joined Sirius slightly after, hosting two programs per week. We have a great team of contributors who are constantly finding that lost aircheck in their archives. He began his professional career in Bermuda, where he was known as "The Hammer". Their management wanted a broadcast on WNEW-FM. Scott instantly agreed as he knew Skynyrd were great and destined for stardom. Scott was playing their debut album, and typically PLJ was not. The film includes rarely seen archival footage of the DJs, the radio stations and the performers. He was also responsible for getting The Rascals back together (albeit briefly) and he produced their live comeback show.Most of the Underground Garage shows have been archived and can be listened to on the Underground Garage website. Sorry Larry. "We got a problem." The DJ felt the limited play list was killing rock and roll. From his pulpit, surrounded by heavenly waves of echo, he'd spread the gospel according to Phil Spector, Smokey Robinson and Brian Wilson. At those prices, it's amazing the LP was successful. In the works for several years, Mark expects to complete the documentary by January of 2020 and begin showing the work at film festivals. I bought advertising on the station promoting the date, their latest album, and the broadcast and to hype the live gig the jocks started playing Skynyrd more frequently. Recent shows have been dedicated to surf music, St. Valentine's Day, the Beatles, "Naughty Girls", He wrote that the concerts "offered wallpaper music of the most banal sort." Perhaps, this is a temporary station problem. im gona check ur books. Interesting article from the NYTimes on the sound of 92.3 WNYL "New York's New Alternative" in the age of Spotify. GREAT show great books . WNEW-FM, 20 Years Gone". On October 29, 1967, Alison Steele, the one DJ who would survive the coming transformation, announced "We've got a big doing here tomorrow. Such an outburst would have caused heart failure at WPLJ, WNEW-FM's rival across town. At a great event hosted by current Mixed Bag host Don McGee that also featured Pete's son Peter Fornatale, Don and curator Jonathan Haim introduced the archive and played excerpts of Pete's interviews with David Crosby, Graham Nash, Brian Wilson, Joni Mitchell and others. Ronnie entered and Scott announced, "Show time." Charles graduated from the RCA Institute (Now TCI) in 1970, and obtained a first class FCC license and began a broadcast career. A tired rehash of the ludicrous Trump viewpoint. He worked as a sideman for the Dovels, was a co-founder of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and he's released four solo albums. Four hours a night, seven days a week; most rigorous news analysis in the New World;... Sports, music, news and podcasts. The next 40 minutes resembled an early Monty Python bit. Jonathan Schwartz, and TV's "cool ghoul," Zackerle joined the air staff, and the man who became the station's program director, innovator, and guru for the next three decades, Scott Muni, started as the afternoon DJ. One muggy August afternoon in '74 when he was in town for a week of sold out gigs at the Garden he was offended by a New York Times review written by John Rockwell. Tony Tragurado talking about the archive. Inside the opening act were just about done. The figure probably of most relevance to this site is Major Edwin H. Armstrong, who was born December 18, 1890 and was the inventor of FM radio. Between records "EJ the DJ" lashed back live on the air, "If you are listening now, you asshole, come down here and I'll destroy you. One of Pete's favorite bands, Aztec Two Step, performed a stunning set of Simon & Garfunkle songs. These airchecks are from all across the country and included some unscoped versions of airchecks you can find on this site. Paid streaming subscription: 53.3% After numerous court battles with RCA and David Sarnoff which sapped his finances, Armstrong committed suicide in 1954. Chris Blasco is someone who loved that radio and has a great ear for putting together beautiful montages of great music, both old and new. In spite of the vinyl hype, great record stores are an endangered species, so instead of complaining about their demise, go visit one and buy something. He was on the air in New York for 50 years from 1967. (Posted 8/24/19, updated 11/20/19), "Free-Form, Baby! To be honest I was astonished they ever played a tune celebrating the deep side of Dixie, but 7 days of limited air play does not make a band a household name. Alison Steele was already a member of the airstaff, having been part of the "all-girls" middle-of-the-road format. While this tirade continued Scott just smiled and let him go. In 25 years as a practicing journalist, Dan McCue has written on everything from international trade, business and law to politics, science and the environment, but for all that, music and media remain closest to his heart. The archive is being managed by archivist Vanessa Nastro and librarian Tony Traguardo. As reported several posts below, another Pete Fornatale archive also exists at the Port Washington Public Library. These days, Mr. Shaw is Owner/President & CEO at Centennial Broadcasting II, LLC and Vice Chairman of the Board at Beasley Broadcast Group. Rob Frankel has been in radio for years, has worked as a producer for Drake-Chenault, the RKO and ABC Radio Networks and is known by a title that few people hold: restorian. Location Search. Steve tells us he listened only to WNEW-FM from the late 60's thru the 70's. The FM Radio Revoluton: The Men and Women Who Invented Modern Radio". (Posted 8/11/2020), The RIAA released the first half 2020 North American recording industry sales numbers in September and there was some good news: revenue increased 5.6% as compared to first half 2019, but the decline of physical media has accelerated. Rosko's first show was on October 30, 1967. It was so petty I had to laugh. Link here: The Kate & Vin Scelsa Podcast. You know how most of us complain that there's little intelligent music radio that's like radio was in the early free-form days? More on the WNEW-FM page. He also worked in the record industry having been a VP at MCA Records twice and General Manager of Casablanca/NY. Many browsers cache the content from the last time you visited the site and won't display the latest without a forced refresh. On a good night the terrestrial station's potent 50,000 watts blanketed half the country with the second wave of rock and roll. Listen weekdays Noon-3P. "The Beatles Anthology volume 1" includes a Pete Best version recorded on June 6, 1962. It's really too bad more of the original staff aren't around to see this.


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