Need a pick-me-up when you're down or stuck indoors during the winter? The tragically short-lived musical comedy/fairytale parody show Galavant is so ridiculous and charming, watching it can only delight and melt away anxiety. She opens up her home and heart to him, to near-miraculous effect.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Will Smith. Men In Black is a perfect time capsule for the late '90s. When there's something very wrong in your neighborhood, call on Ghostbusters to distract you from it. Big Mike doesn't know who his father is, his mother is a drug addict, and he's homeless when Leigh Anne, played by Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, spots him wandering coatless on a chilly autumn night. Get inspired to start a fitness routine — a proven mood booster — by watching this ode to cycling. Whoopi Goldberg goes undercover as a nun to give you two hours of pure love and entertainment. Well, that could save the world. Perfect for... your everyday anxiety: what are you doing with your life? If you're looking for a feel-good film about daring to go for your dreams, then Billy Elliot is for you. That is all. Perfect for... when you're anxious about a major assignment and need a confidence boost to get you through the day. It's nearly impossible to stay seated while watching Dave, played by Dennis Christopher, and his blue-collar teammates take on the privileged college students in the Indiana University Little 500 bicycle race. Footloose is a ridiculous film. Turn back now for fear of triggering an entertainment-induced panic attack.

(Except for maybe a large bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.). Sign up for our Mental Wellness Newsletter! Nothing will make you feel more like a kid on Halloween than watching Hocus Pocus. © 1996-2020 Everyday Health, Inc. Wacky humor and special effects. When you're feeling blue, having a bad day, or you're stressed and overwhelmed, a well-chosen film can lift your spirits and turn your frown upside down. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones movies, don't @ me. Aliens. Young, innocent Jake Gyllenhaal is the cure for all that ails you.

Combat Stressful Situations by Closing Your Eyes. You'll want to stand up and cheer as Dave learns the value of trusting his teammates and, above all, never giving up. Oh, Riverdale. Perfect for... when you need a quick break from reality (episodes run 21 minutes) to recharge. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. It's also pure '80s fun with lots of dancing and Kevin Bacon. For example, Saturday Night Fever will make you nostalgic for the disco age, but Legally Blonde will make you nostalgic for when you and your girlfriends would stay up all night giggling and watching Elle Woods defeat sexism in her own life. Perfect for... those suffering from social anxiety.
Listening to music has been shown to ease symptoms of depression, relieve stress, and calm the heart rate. Research shows that music with a slower beat is more relaxing than other kinds, which is why The Sound of Music edges out more recent movie musicals for a spot on the list.

It's great for anyone who needs a reminder that sometimes, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is worth it. Perfect for... literally any anxiety you could possibly have. Granted, it's 2017, aka the year of anxiety, and it's impossible to be on Netflix 24/7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. If you need a giggle, pick up Tootsie, one of the few comedies to have been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, for 1982. Perfect for... the anxiety that keeps you up at night. Objectively one of the most delightful shows on television, Jane the Virgin isn't 100 percent escapism, but there's something very soothing about watching characters deal with anxieties and life changes similar to yours. With plenty of laughs, gorgeous scenery in London and France, and an appealing cast that spans generations, it's an all-around winner — as Hugh Grant says in the opening-scene narration, "Love actually is all around.".

Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast has its flaws, but there's no denying the magic of seeing them bring an animated classic to life. All rights reserved. By the end, George, angel-in-training Clarence, and the residents of Bedford Falls have taught the valuable lesson that one man's life touches many others, often in unseen ways — an important sentiment to remember at the holidays, and throughout the year. A classic from start to finish, Miss Congeniality is a great anti-anxiety movie. But sometimes when you're feeling down, there's no easier pick-me-up than a favorite movie.

Nothing will make you more thankful for your relatively normal family than spending a few hours with the Blossoms and the Coopers. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. High School Musical is all about the beautiful things that can happen when you push yourself into new activities and follow your heart. National Treasure. Love, Rosie. Watch Young Frankenstein before bed, and you'll drift off with that warm, giddy happiness in your head instead of massive anxiety. Aron says that 80 percent of sensory stimulation … A cartoon can inspire you to get in touch with your inner child and remember the simple pleasures in life.

Perfect for... reminding you to enjoy the little things. The show only lasted 18 episodes, but those certainly pack enough laughs to get you through even your roughest weeks. When are you going to have kids? Rebecca Bloomwod is obsessed with shopping and has a chronic “need” to replenish her wardrobe. Just like there are some who don't like watching television or movies when they're anxious, different people respond to different entertainment when stressed. It might not cure your anxiety completely, but these 19 picks will, at the very least, put your anxieties on a well-deserved time out. Like Galavant, Penelope offers a new take on the fairytale genre, though will much less singing and jokes. Depression can leave you with little interest in anything. Perfect for... when your anxiety is so all consuming, you need to be reminded of the beauty in the world. Who would narrate the story of your life? Throughout the show's three seasons, it consistently tackled tough topics through a very goofy lens (with varying degrees of success), and provided fans with a few perfect catchphrases. Mel Brooks' wacky Frankenstein spoof Young Frankenstein will cure all that ails you. Remember the feeling of cuddling up on a Saturday afternoon to watch the most recent Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie? Nostalgic movies are the perfect antidote to your anxiety because they'll take you far away from your problems while also bringing you joy.

So, next time you're in a bad move, just pop in one of these 21 nostalgic movies to watch when you're anxious and let yourself relax. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, but a classic feel-good flick will always leave you a little happier and may even put a smile on your face. The Blind Side shows the value of generosity and what can be accomplished when even just one person believes in you. Perfect for... anxiety that's keeping you awake. Perfect for... those who need their anti-anxiety media not to totally ignore the problems in the world. Why is watching John Travolta thrust in a tight, leather outfit a cure for anxiety? No matter what you prefer, Netflix has it all, which makes it the perfect first stop for when you start to feel anxiety creeping in. One of Tom Hanks' most underrated movies of the past decade, Larry Crowne is an upbeat romantic comedy about a man who goes back to community college to get his degree. Perfect for... when you're anxious about the future.

Seriously, when's the last time you watched an '80s teen classic and didn't feel happy? One of Disney's most authentic and beautiful coming of age stories yet, Moana provides both a perfect escape from reality and a great boost that will make you feel ready to take on whatever it is that has you anxious in the first place. Perfect for when you're close to giving up on love and need a healthy dose of romantic hope.

Disappear for 13 hours to binge the first season, and you'll forget about anything other than the crazy Riverdale drama. Babe is a piglet who bonds with the other animals at the farm where he lives — these include a family of sheepdogs, the flock they guard, and an excitable duck. The sets, the costumes, the classic love story, it's all done with such enchanting charm, it's really impossible not to feel like you're seeing a childhood dream come to life.
Nostalgic movies, here meant by any film that makes you feel nostalgic, be it nostalgic for a decade past or for the feeling you got watching the movie when you first saw it. A tough dance instructor, a miners' strike, a family quarrel, missed opportunities, a change of heart, and a nail-biting audition add to the melodrama that builds up to the final scene — you will be moved to get off your couch and dance, which has been shown to decrease depression symptoms. The below 21 nostalgic movies to watch when you're feeling anxious are guaranteed to make your anxiety melt away. If there's one movie you're guaranteed to catch on television in the wintertime, especially around the holidays, it's this beloved classic — and with good reason.

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom can pretty much be boiled down to quirky kids in love. So whether you're looking for a romantic comedy, nostalgia, or pure escape, read on for our list of the top 10 movies to watch when you're feeling down. The classic songs performed by Julie Andrews, as Maria, and the rest of the cast include The Sound of Music, Edelweiss, and My Favorite Things. Try these mood-boosting movies. Of the many worthy romantic comedies, Love Actually makes the list because it has a little something for everyone.

Fox. The CW's newest hit is teenage escapism at its finest.

Sometimes, the worst thing you can do when anxious is try to escape it completely. Back to the Future is peak nostalgia.

The many plot lines include puppy love, bittersweet unrequited love, and friendship, and the movie features more than one classic, romantic Hollywood resolution. I know a spoonful of sugar is supposed to help the medicine go down, but a good movie has the ability of being both the sugar and the medicine. Take a load off with the ladies of Absolutely Fabulous, the long-running comedy series starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. So whether you're looking for a romantic comedy, nostalgia, or pure escape, read on for our list of the top 10 movies to watch when you're feeling down. When you need a reminder that the seemingly impossible is possible, watch this flick about the little pig who could. Penelope is all about loving yourself and putting yourself out there despite any insecurities. Learn how to bolster your brain's strengths and improve your weaknesses!

21 nostalgic movies to watch when you're feeling anxious, 21 nostalgic movies to watch when you're anxious. But with better music and Michael J. Learn about the mysteries of the universe via the soothing voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson. When you're doubting where you're going, 13 Going on 30 will remind you to live in the now. Cosmos is great before bed entertainment that will both educate you and relax you to infinity and beyond. It's just a scientific fact.


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