So I found out that Garden/Homescapes, Fishdom, Township, most of these games, are all developed by Playrix. They are all match-3 games that require you to use the stars you collect to unlock certain areas in order to advance, but all their ads look nothing like the games they come from. Added We need to find out why, how come, and for what reason this is happening because no matter how many times we message these companies, they won't answer to their own problems.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. All in all, these gaming companies still come out on top despite their misleading behaviors. Soup King's Make-A-Meme Foundation: Suggest an idea and I'll make it for you. They include Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Fishdom and Township. from It's not Machington Mansion gameplay that's for sure. And I mean NOTHING. Why don't we push back? a petition was made by a frustrated gamer, 8 Mobile Games You Shouldn’t Bother Downloading, Why We Love Hidden Object Games (and Our Faves). They honestly don’t give a shit. your best bet is to just simply ignore them, they want clicks and attention, and you’re one potential mark. this is a dress up game, I'm guessing they're banking on the "it looks so terrible, i must see this for myself" factor to rope ppl in. why are the gifs laughing while crying doing in here?

As for Nintendo, they had been reaching up to fans as of late, fixing many issues and even repairing their Nintendo Switch Online feature (sometimes with the servers). there's a game i play called love nikki and it's ads are horrid. And not only Playrix either. Unless the app stores starts making an effort to purge false advertisers, expect to see horrible fake ads in your screens every single day. Come and download Homescapes Mansion for free now - … Fishdom. I had tried to help by writing on the Playrix games Wikipedia pages by exposing what they are guilty of doing, but they had got removed due to a lack of reliable resources, I am now making this petition in order to help stop these false gameplay adverts and I need your help. It’s great to see developers cashing in on this demand because we’ve always been curious about the fake games in the ads. Examples of games that do this are Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Mafia City, Fishdom, and Matchington Mansion. Most mobile gamers can relate to downloading a game because of the cool advertisement and then becoming instantly upset when they realize it’s nothing like what they saw initally. Mobile ads are fine as long as they stay faithful to what they're advertising. When do I get to do the stuff in the ad? Garden/Homescapes. By making their gameplay look like something it’s not. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. “A youtube user has uploaded videos of what the advert shows and what the game is actually like. A lot of people have taken to social media shutting these companies down for blatantly lying about their games – but why do they decide to do this?! Sounds like a cool product, right? I fell for a similar ad and installed Gardenscapes, and I’m on level 1,244 and I have yet to see that kind of fixing level... the game is nice, but it is a matching the jewels kind of game... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the shittymobilegameads community, Continue browsing in r/shittymobilegameads. Apptica reveals fake advertising of playrix matchington mansion mafia city and others. 03-01-2019, 01:34 PM #3. cccCCC. Show actual gameplay in your ads. So despite many people deleting the game once they realize they’ve been misled, there will still be a number of people who decide to keep the game.


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