Lady Gaga. Underneath the lyrical blasphemy, RedOne cooks up an industrial-strength soup of house, pummelling electro and, at the 2min 40sec mark, the sound of a synth disintegrating punctured perfectly by a levity-inducing “Eww” from Gaga. Buy Tracks. Opening with orgasmic moans and a stuttering vocal sample, it blossoms into a deliciously outrageous, sky-scraping chorus that pierces through the mesh of synths like a laser. What starts out as a muted piano ballad balloons into a joyous, galloping Europop stomper, complete with a central lyric about the loneliness of fame that doesn’t make your eyes roll out of their sockets. Wind Chimes Birds & Streams (Loon Garden),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, While Artpop’s favoured first single Applause was about being Gaga – with the fame she had craved now a prison of sorts – the superior Sexxx Dreams celebrated nothing more than the joys of fantasising about “doing really nasty things” with another person. One for the anti-pop brigade who remain unconvinced about her vocal prowess. Born This Way’s third single kept things refreshingly simple. “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blond south,” coos Gaga, before seemingly reading from a Countryfile voiceover script as she intones: “Dirty pony, I can’t wait to hose you down.”. As if to prove her debut single, Just Dance, was no fluke, Gaga and RedOne upped the ante with its follow-up. You be the judge and listen to the song below. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. In fact, if you think of it like that, the song’s central premise – that identity and self-confidence can be influenced by a haircut – feels less trite, with the song’s broad strokes and naive charm creating something undeniably joyous. It also highlighted her early obsession with every facet of being famous, with the song’s central theme of struggling to balance success and love refracted through the prism of wooing the paparazzi. Sure, Bradley Cooper has a pleasant growl of a voice, but it is Gaga who takes A Star Is Born’s instantly vintage-sounding dustbowl anthem and shoots a rocket up its backside.


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