Le beau Eau de Toilette est un boisé aromatique. Perhaps if you're on a beach in Hawaii with a fresh breeze rolling over you. Obrigado!A sua mensagem foitransmitida com sucesso. O serviço de atendimento ao cliente está aberto das 10h às 19h de segunda a sexta I would swear there is anise in there. It reminds me of a summery alcoholic drink you'd have by the beach. Such an addictive quality to this one. Hey there folks. out of Hard pass for me. But what I'm smelling now is so nice! Good fragrance, not ground breaking. require([ Definitely deserves a much better rating here. Dissapointing dry down though, just sweet generic Tonka. but would be so much better if it actually projected. This is actually really nice considering it's just made up of 3 notes, suprisingly unique and much better than a lot of other coconut based frags like CK eternity Now. I hate the JPG le male, so low key I my attitude for this one wasn't the best... Creamy coconut vibe. I'm a big fan of JPG's torso bottles, so I love this adamitic one, too. I think you're going to be choking people out in the warm weather and it's going to smell out of place in the winter (because of the coconut), so i don't really see a place for it. It's not really reinventing anything but what is does it does very well indeed. Testing sillage and durability in an indoor environment alongside some others. It blends with my skin and lets the sparkling note leak out. day, night, party or office. It's great, and there's definitely much more to Le Beau than the notes listed. This style reminds me with Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit which is famous for its cumin note, but this JPG is not as classy. That is also the projection of the fragrance. Longevity is pretty good. Fresca e potente It took me two wearings to fall for it, but then I did. VIOLET 2) CI 14700 (RED 4) CI 19140 (YELLOW 5) MADE IN FRANCE 80% VOL. I don't know if it's because I have the 2020 batch, but I just can't pick up the coconut note, which is the reason I bought it. I don't get very much coconut in here but I get slight wibes of iris and leather. Fresh & Powerful Not sure I'd trust anyone over the age of 16 willingly wearing this. 594 votes. Le Beau was created by Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant. Un’eau de toilette da uomo costruita attorno all’inebriante fava tonka e al legno di cocco, che si uniscono alle note fresche del bergamotto. I don't really care about the notes cause we have a new king of obnoxiousness in the brodude smell category. }); $(document).ready(function() { Quickly tested both on the blotter and wrist. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS, all I can say it smells like sexy, sweet, fruity coconut. At the beginning you may think that this is such a generic fragrance, but, it have a very rare magic in its DNA, for me, this is a winner. It most probably contains orris root and aldehydes. Had more potential to give. No resemblance whatsoever with JPG line. Reminds me of Eau des Merveilles Bleue too. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Cologne 1... (. Cette version se fait écho à la fougère du parfum Le Mâle, en plus moderne évidemment ! Near the end of my shift a customer complaint me saying you smell amazing and ask what it was. Jean Paul Gaultier nous ouvre les portes de son jardin ; un lieu de tentation et d'attraction entre La Belle et Le Beau, les nouveaux pafums de Jean Paul Gaultier. I do recommend buying, its unique in the sense that its hard to pinpoint a clone to this flanker, and its a strong yet warm scent that isn't cloying as Le Male can be in the heat (i live in Florida so some folks may know what I mean.) To my nose it has a Versace Eros (or or 1 million pacco rabbann), mixed with Versace pour Homme vibe. This is quite one noted and simple scent, maybe in a bad way. I will be very honest...I smell ZERO coconut :( and coconut is the reason I bought Le Beau. This is heavy on sharp herbs like lavender, sage, and/ or patchouli. for all occasions. Seule une feuille de vigne dorée habille le bas de la bouteille. I like it, but don’t love it. I just want to eat this perfume. Now its dried down, I will remain faithful to my previous likening... its like an ever so slightly less creamy Invictus Legend. Tried a sample. Oh, longevity is decent (5 hrs +) and the silage is what you would expect. This one gives me headache. Plus actuelle, cette eau de toilette n'en perd pas pour autant son charme d'origine. Le Beau è stato creato da Quentin Bisch e Sonia Constant. As the scent dries down, the tonka emerges and settles in sweetness. Strong sillage. I can't get past this similarity as much as I try! Refrescante e poderoso Ils affichent un homme et une femme, dénudés, arborant fièrement dans leurs mains les parfums de la collection, tels les fruits défendus des temps modernes. After an hour you are left with tonka sweetness and just a slight hint of coconut for another hour. L'arôme riche et addictif de fèves tonka se combine avec l'arôme unique du bois de coco et les tons frais de bergamote. I only smell tonka, it's nice but wouldn't buy it. $('.quote-slider').slick({ It's so good. Less sophisticated less elegant but still beautiful, It just doesnt have the beautiful Amyris drydown. Also Kenzo pour homme night. 5 with As a woman, I really think this perfume is very sexy :-). } Extreeeeemly good! Overall, day one wearing this wasn't bad, stayed all day but with a 2 ft bubble maybe. This is a fun fragrance, bright, fruity and sweet. If this were to cost 5£ it wouldn't surprise me. I like it. 'slick' Le Beau de Jean Paul Gaultier é um perfume Amadeirado Aromático Masculino. Good heavens, it looks as if all Canada has invaded this torso’s unspeakable regions. A … Not super similar but has that sweetness from the original mixed with coconut. Ce cocktail à la fois frais et énergique allie des notes vertes à une touche crémeuse de fève tonka. A men’s Eau de Toilette built around addictive tonka bean and coconut wood combined with the fresh facets of bergamot. Le couturier fétiche des français marchait tout simplement dans son atelier lorsqu'il décida de concevoir son jardin. Gorgeous scent ! This is too modern. Simple, fresh, masculine.I cannot smell the coconut, to be quite honest. Enfin un fond de fève tonka apporte une profondeur exquise à l’élixir.Ce mélange signe une eau de toilette fraîche et virile à la fois.


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