We forgot our transponder was not in the dash. Trump please! Apparently, if you're transponder isn't working properly (which mine obviously is not), if you get more than 5 video tolls, they will start charging IPASS registered users and IPASS paying customers, the cash rate. You guys are just stupid. Enough with the private contractors with who have a completely different system in each state. As I reached the toll a young woman working told me it would be $20.20! Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about. Either get the iPASS at the rental car place, have copious amounts of small change and cash available at all times, or face the mind numbing soul sucking process of trying to pay online.

As for the five star reviews on here, surely they must have Rod Blagojevich cranking those out from his cell in prison for a reduced sentence. I never received the refund or any response from the toll company. For using a technology that can automatically reads license plates of cars going 60+ miles per hour in real-time, the system is unbelievably limited. They are withholding information they could easily provide to citizens who want to do the right thing. However, on Friday, entering the greater Dekalb area off of I-39 and getting on I-88 Eastbound we encountered the most incompetent and slow tollbooth lady of all time. What kind of sam hell mess is that. Called about another issue today and they informed me of a policy change effective Jan 1 2018, yet I was never notified of this change (more ways for them to steal our hard-earned money). Anyway, it was definitely a teeth-grinding experience for me not to reach out and grab her waddling neck and choke her just to get her to hand over our change from the $5 (yes, tolls went up from $1.90 to $3.60 since our last trek north). They couldn't have picked meaner, more downtrodden group of folks. Side note:  Everyone on the phone makes more than $5/hour and I spent 1:33 on the phone. Soooo bitter! Their customer support is hit and miss. My advice is to just stay away from the state but if your must or want to travel to the state and are forced by either traffic or poorly marked signs to use the tollway always carry a bag of change, prepare to miss tolls or have some so confusing that you missed them and then expect a $60 fine for each toll you missed. Or let me punch a button that gives me a receipt so I know where I was that I need to pay! Bought a transponder at Jewel. You can drive through and have no idea if your EZ Pass was accepted or not (and about 25% are not). Calling the I-pass customer service line is always great. I called to request a credit. Jesse White 213 State Capitol Springfield, IL 62756 217-785-3000 (outside Illinois) 800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois) Renewal Number 1-866-545-9609 1-888-414-7678. Turns out that she would have to open account then close it then Id get a refund in a few days. I also find it ironic it took them three weeks to call me back to tell me this. I wrote a letter. You have to put in the road and each toll booth that you missed on the websight to pay. After reading so many horrible experiences with the. I grew up in a sales family and the motto has always been, "the customer is ALWAYS right".....sounds like their motto is, "blame the customers"....or "don't help them with whatever they ask, it's likely THEIR fault" or "just keep the customer on the phone for hours and eventually the customer will be so frustrated, they'll just hang up"....I heard Louis typing in the background and I asked him point blank, "are you listening to me or are you multitasking?" I bet the mail sends out loads of fines out of state? Foursquare © 2020  Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA, "Had to get me a Big Blue Soda and Jays sunflower seeds before I head in for the evening!!". In fact, one of the tolls was completely closed, so I had no choice but to go through the I-Pass lane (even though I did not have a pass). To get anywhere, you have to demand to speak to a manager, which means you'll wait another hour or 2 on hold. Good bye illinois the only thing I miss is the food. Their newest tactic is to tell customers to call the Illinois Attorney General's Office, because they review every case of unpaid or "late" tolls..and decide if they will accept your payment or not ....FYI.. the AG's office said they are not at all involved in tollway issues.

They hate that. I am an IPASS user. If you want to get anything achieved make sure to ask for a manager or supervisor.I had to speak with one in order to make sure things were correct. Wait in line. Unbelievable. "Buying an i-pass. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. My transponder is an ez pass from IN (that works on IL toll roads as well). Couldn't  tell if a man or woman. And he replied, "I'm multitasking". Now if you recharge my account when it gets down to $10, How does 4 tolls (only 4 work days) equal $30? It was difficult for me to safely get over to reach every cash toll lane (practically every mile!!!!). On the way, I forgot to enter "avoid tolls" on the GPS as I usually do, and we ended up on a toll road (I don't recall which one at the moment.) My friend did a quick google search to find that if you go through the I-Pass lane without the I-Pass, you can pay online within 7 days. I cancelled the account and asked for a refund. People handling incoming calls should die a slow and painful death. HOWEVER....today (about 2 months later) I got a bill for $64.60 ($4.60 for unpaid tolls and $60 in fines).

57 other reviews that are not currently recommended. So, there you have it...I received more than 5 video tolls, so I got charged the cash price, despite the fact that I'm a registered and paying IPASS client. After reading so many horrible experiences with the toll authority, I feel blessed indeed! Hence, he earned a star just for that. Learn more. Anyway, it was definitely a teeth-grinding experience for me not to reach out and grab her waddling neck and choke her just to get her to hand over our change from the $5 (yes, tolls went up from $1.90 to $3.60 since our last trek north).Maybe I should just be yelping the entire broke-ass state of Illinois? The first subhuman I talked to just argued with me over my identity, saying my phone number wasn't the one on the account and my driver's license was wrong. ZERO STARS...HORRIBLE experience with Illinois Tollway. Rick really couldn't explain why it's always on the Tollways terms but really seemed to like it this way. Of course, to dispute the violation you have to travel to Chicago, which I have no desire to do.


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