Why we like it: Online share dealing at £11.95 per deal, or as low as £5.95 per deal for active traders. Other than that it does what it says on the tin and I find the news and company research quiet useful at times. This means we can't help with specific personal circumstances or recommend specific investment products. A wide range of UK shares, ETFs and investment trusts. Out of all the products, the Stocks and Shares ISA is the most highly lauded. Something else to look out for is whether the provider will pay interest on cash. IG also has a comprehensive easy-to-understand platform where you can track your share dealings.

Despite new product launches like the Smart Portfolio, IG ultimately caters more for forex traders and those with active trading strategies than it does to new investors or those who are only interested in Stocks and Shares ISAs or SIPPs. For share traders it’s relatively low cost, at £24 per quarter for an ISA or share dealing account.

In this review, we’ll focus primarily on IG’s ISA and SIPP products. There isn’t a dedicated app for their Investment proposition, with the app focused on their spread betting & CFD trading. It does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. Takes too long to withdraw. To transfer your account over, use the online transfer request form.

The website was very useful and informative. range of services, a great website with loads of useful information. The provider you choose will depend on your personal investment goals, attitude to risk, and the level of control you want to have over your funds. Finding a broker who offers all three account options is advantageous. You get the most for your money when you trade three times a month or more. Beyond its informational archive, IG also offers the IG Academy. To open an IG account, you click on ‘Open a Live Account’, located at the top-right corner of the home page. Once you sign up, you get access to over 17,000 markets as well as 24/7 pricing on global indices. The rates apply up to £25,000. Custody fee of £24 per quarter, charged if you hold share dealing or ISA assets at the end of the quarter. If you don't have access to the email address linked to your account, you need to provide additional information to confirm you are the owner of the account. IG is more likely to suit investors who already know what they are doing, feel confident but like the idea of getting an expert to do the heavy lifting and monitoring. IG's share-dealing rates are the cheapest of all brokers offering ISA/SIPP accounts. IG Investments offers access to 17,000 markets and a long list of assets, including property and cryptocurrency.

Some of the more popular courses include: The factor setting IG’s academy apart is the live sessions and webinars presented both online and in-person. Share dealing ISAs allow you to invest in a variety of stocks, shares and other investment vehicles - all while sheltering any returns you make from income and capital gains tax.
Join the 10,000+ people who get our weekly blog. IG provides CFD trading, which also means it stands out among the growing number of robo-advisors platforms.

This makes me a lot more confident that I am getting value for money. Sign up to our Newsletter to get exclusive news and offers direct to your inbox. Very good value for money. Regular traders will find the app very useful as there is a high level of information and analysis. Is there any provider that would stand above the others as most suitable in my circumstances? I would now like to open an investment ISA for growth, with an initial figure of about £5000 and then about £250 per month (more when possible) for at least 10 years. It also basically means that if we say something daft, you have no recourse to come back and complain. Very knowledgeble company with an extensive However, you do get access to a forum, which allows you to both learn and give tips to the community. IG Sharedealing account you can kickstart your portfolio with a flexible account that allows you to buy, sell and hold all your investments in one place.

Make sure the platform provider offer the services you require. As a result, James Hay sets the fees.
The site design is a bit clunky, but having found my way around it now it's okay. ISA.co.uk not only helped narrow down my choices for a Junior ISA but also provided additional practical information that helped demystify the whole process.

The whole idea of the Vanguard LifeStrategy range is to offer you a balanced mix of investments to fit a risk profile. So, you need to keep up with changes to James Hay’s service as well as any issues IG raises. IG also offers additional security by holding client funds in segregated accounts at regulated banks. Don’t want to take our word for it?

1. Check with different providers for their charging structures which can vary.

The design is OK, nothing great, and not as good as the web trading platform. The customer support is also very good. It provides more than the answers to FAQS and instead serves as a good resource so you can answer your own questions rather than sitting on hold. However, the share trading site is easy to use and provides access to a very broad range of markets. ISA.co.uk is a trading style of Fair Investment Company.

Our free weekly blog with Holly's These include: IG SIPP fees are different for a reason: IG doesn’t administer its SIPP products. Only thing I wish they had more accessible customer service. Plus, you have the option to set up a demo account, which allows you to familiarise yourself without risking any real money. UK shares cost more. For regular savings, pay just £1.50 per deal.

A bit corporate, pushing trading and options which is not my game. It’s a CFD broker, an ISA provider and a pension provider all rolled into one. Just don’t get sucked into their silly spread betting if you’re a novice.

You can't buy funds on the platform, apart from those that are listed – investment trusts and ETFs. We’re only allowed to give you a steer or share an opinion or tell you the facts - That said, we promise that our answer to you is an independent unbiased perspective with no commercial gain to make. 30bps for FX. If you need regulated financial advice, you can find a good adviser via sites such as Unbiased & Vouchedfor. There are parts which are good to use and in fairness it all works fairly simply and clearly. If you wish to invest in an ISA this site has it all.


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