Yes, you can make 1 appointment and all go together. Does she need to writer a letter with her info and my info stating I will stay with her during the duration of my contract? As far as we know, having a contract for less than 6 months is fine. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That is, if you are a resident in Spain, you are required to get your “padrón” or “empadronamiento”. To be registered is to be empadronado and when you have registered yourself, you will be given a padrón or a certificado de empadronamiento. On average, your padrón needs to be less than 3 months old but usually most places don’t check the date. Fecha cita: date of appointment. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Studentfy is the largest student association in Barcelona. Hi Kevin, To be honest it seems that things are done differently from one council to the next. It may help to save time. The following are all situations where you may need an Empadronamiento: Besides all of the above, anyone who plans to stay in Spain for more than 6 months is obliged to register. The Certificado is the official one, and if you are dealing with government offices in future this is the one they will need. For example if you’ve already got a NIE, bring that along with you as well. This works as well. Common mistakes foreigners make when trying to get a NIE, Advantages of Taking Out Landlord Insurance, Administrative procedures involving children, Coronavirus: Questions about the real estate sector in Barcelona. We understand you are new in town and there are too many procedures going on for you. We are talking about a very quick procedure to do. Globe Media cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or inconvenience to any person as a result of information contained above. Tema: OAC: Atencion presencial en la oficina, Hi. You will be required to book an appointment with your local town hall and present all the information there which includes: Any change must be reported. Thanks. Hello, Please confirm if the padro was cut and not revenue in three months then after three month it will be revenue only for the pending months or again for three year duration, Hello, you are an exchange student staying in Spain for less than six months, you don’t need to open a bank account or do any other administrative task, A house contract valid for more than 6 months with your name and NIE/passport number mentioned in it and signed by the landlord and you, Any other documents that may be necessary in your case, Ciutat Vella (Carrer Ramelleres, 17 – 08001 Barcelona), Eixample (Carrer Aragó 328 – 08009 Barcelona), Gràcia (Pl Vila de Gràcia 2 – 08012 Barcelona), Horta-Guinardó (Carrer Lepant 387 – 08025 Barcelona), La Marina (Passeig Zona Franca 185-219 – 08038 Barcelona), Les Corts (Plaça Comas 18 – 08028 Barcelona), Nou Barris (Plaça Major Nou Barris 1 – 08042 Barcelona), Sant Andreu (Carrer Segre 24-32 – 08030 Barcelona), Sant Martí (Pl Valentí Almirall 1 – 08018 Barcelona), Sant Miquel (Pl. Luckily, making an appointment for the empadronamiento is fairly simple and fast (compared to making a NIE appointment, for example). Anyone (whether national or not) who lives in Barcelona has to apply for a census certificate. Why? Registering yourself is completely free and you do not need to pay to do it. Especially for procedures such as. If you register in the padrón, you are officially a neighbour of the municipality where you live. Ask for an extra copy. They just need the paper. Home » How to Get an Empadronamiento in Spain. You’ll most likely need a ticket from the machine at the reception or be told by the person at the front desk where to go. Thanks. Now you can pick the time. If you do not own and are renting, you must provide the rental agreement. Hi. Basically, this is a document to prove where you live in Spain. Would you like to be updated with the latest immigration news and other useful tips for you? You are going to need to bring the following documents along to your local town hall: Passport (with photocopies) Rental agreement (signed by landlord on all pages) / Copies of home title deeds if you own the property. This city registration is one of the first procedures you do once you arrive in Barcelona (or any other Spanish city). Identity documentation is basically required of both the person to be registered and the property where she lives. The process takes around 10 minutes and the certificate is issued on spot. And for this, you will have to provide the census. Proof of address (utility bill, rental contract agreement or copies of the property title deeds. Expats moving to Spain will need to obtain a town hall registration, known as an Empadronamiento, upon arrival. The person I’m renting from says she doesn’t do contracts and just rents to people. Rambla de Catalunya 124, 08008, Barcelona (Spain). Specific documents you must present at the Town hall (Padron de Habitantes Department) vary from one town hall to another, but generally they are: Your valid passport or NIE (Numero de Identificación del Extranjero). We call empadronamiento to register yourself in your municipality. This document needs to be processed within the first three months of your stay in Barcelona and has to be renewed every 5 years or each time you move. Good luck! Photo credits: Image by aymane jdidi from Pixabay. Taking the original house contract with you is recommended as well just in case.


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