There's something about the brothy mix of snake meat, mushrooms, ginger and pork that does an even better job of warming you up than chicken noodle soup. You could argue that afternoon tea is the single most pervasive legacy of British rule, enjoyed as it is by Hong Kongers from all walks of life, and milk tea is the most potent symbol of English traditions fused with Chinese sensibilities. Then comes the tricky stage. The … Hong Kong-style French toast.

By signing up, you're also agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Known for its assortment of fresh fish congee, Sang Kee Congee Shop has customers lining up everyday for its fleecy rice porridge boiled from 2a.m. Dry-cook the sweetened paste in a huge wok, teasing out the nutty, caramelly flavors without burning it. Cut the crusts off the bread slices. Western toast, or Hong Kong French toast, is one of the most popular items on cha chaan teng or Hong Kong tea house menus.

How To Make Hong Kong-Style French Toast Hong Kong-Style French Toast Recipe. A great piece of "siu yuk" should have a top layer of crackling skin, then alternating slivers of fat with moist meat, and a final salty-spiced layer at the bottom. Here is a selection of 40 Hong Kong food items we love so much that we'd rather not live than live without: Hong Kongers eat millions of these compressed fish-meat snacks every day. Sweet and sour pork, called "gu lo yuk," is also a comfort food craved by Hong Kongers. It's the perfect complement to milk tea, especially if you have it with butter, a variation known as boh loh yaau. The boh loh baau (literally meaning "pineapple bun") is the holy grail of what may generously be termed the Hong Kong school of baking. Pigeons are usually dismissed as rats with wings, but believe us, rats don't taste this good. Little remains of Hong Kong's boat people today but their excellent food culture is ever popular, in particular, the spicy crabs served at Under the Bridge heaped with fried garlic and chilli peppers. A small Thai community makes up Kowloon City's "Little Thailand," a proliferation of Thai restaurants, supermarkets and hole-in-the-wall noodle and satay joints. Hot pot is truly a social event and a Hong Kong food tradition, especially for families looking for an excuse to get together on a chilly winter night. Recipe by Asian Inspirations at, Copyright 2020 © Asian Inspirations. Be sure to order "half fatty, half skinny" cha siu for the best cut: moist, not greasy, honeyed yet smoky. Everyone has their own favorite fishball joint, and ours is Tung Tat for their firmness and intense curry flavor. Be a wok star!

The soup is usually served with fried bits of dough, slivers of kaffir lime leaf and chrysanthemum petals for aroma. And as a true testament to the innovation and picky palates of Hong Kongers, there's no shortage of new things to try. For an extra flavor kick, there's runny mustard and sweet sauce available at the counter. It's the Hong Kong food we crave when we're sick, cold or missing home.

Steamed meat cake -- a mishmash of ground pork, mushrooms, water chestnuts and preserved vegetables, seasoned with simple soy sauce and sesame oil -- is a staple of Cantonese home cooking. There's really only one ingredient that matters at Hui Lau Shan: mango. Just like head cheese or coq au vin, Cantonese-style chicken feet are a perfect marriage of thrift and culinary genius. It’s a very unique Hong Kong snack that has peanut butter inside. Discover the authentic in Asian cuisine food.

Moreover,  we slide the bread in the pan and start pan searing the french toast. Making sure all sides are soaked well in the egg mixture. Here's a lesson in making a silk purse out of a sow's ear: Take some dried lotus seeds -- those hard, pale, dime-sized bullets of little flavor -- soak, stew, grind to a paste, pass through cheesecloth, add sugar. Luckily, there are still many kerbside stalls still serving this rich vein of street food. This is not a classic French Toast. Total Cooking Time. ★☆ So they look awful, but once you get over that, what is there not to love about chicken feet? Dirt-cheap, kitschy and consistently delicious, Denmark Cake Shop's Hong Kong-style cheeseburgers are reminiscent of the good old days pre-McD domination. Lei Garden skips the deep-frying and stews their chicken feet in abalone sauce, resulting in a wholesome, more texturized Hong Kong food treat. Ingredients. You might have tried French Toast before, but have you tried the Hong Kong Styled French Toast that are popular at local cha chaan tengs (Hong Kong Styled Cafes)?

All the juices and fat from the meat will drizzle into the rice, adding to its pleasant aroma and taste. Forget about that. Hello guys, it’s time to share our happiness with you again. It's firm on the outside, soft on the inside and topped with crunchy, sugary pastry. Sign up now for Asian Inspirations’ five-part Chinese cooking email series and let’s get cooking! As butter and other dairy products were pretty rare and expensive in early 50s Hong Kong. Dip the bread into the egg until all parts are soaked with egg. Cooks use kaya filling to make a twist on the toast then it becomes peanut butter filling inside the toast now. So here is a simple recipe of Hong Style French Toast, a breakfast staple and favourite amongst Hong Kongese. Some Chinese sausages can be heavy on the salt and spices, but Cantonese laap cheung are a perfectly proportioned mix of slightly-sweet pork fat and meat. This is a recipe that use our other recipe called homemade bread. Since they became popular in the 1940s, two varieties of egg tarts have emerged: one with a flaky puff pasty shell and another with a sweet shortbread crust. Now that's what we call Hong Kong food fusion. Then garnish it with a knob of butter on top with a drizzle of condense milk. Be first to comment. Our favorite is Megan's pork balls with a mango center. With feats of culinary magic known only to the cooks (don't bother asking for details -- trade secret), the half-a-foot-high pile of meat is somehow tender, succulent and evenly cooked.

French Toast Recipe — ※New Cook King※ | My Meals are on Wheels. Dished up on a bed of ice and garnished with a slice of raw garlic, the shrimps at Thai Shing are fresh with briny flavors. Enjoy eati ng and happy cooking! alpha/flickr/CNN. Christopher DeWolf, Izzy Ozawa, Tiffany Lam, Virginia Lau, and Zoe Li, CNN. The cartilage softens to a melt-in-the-mouth consistency and great practice is needed to spit out the little bones in that dainty manner perfected by grandmas in dim sum restaurants across town.

Unlike its more restrained Sunday brunch counterpart, Hong Kong-style French toast is for when you're stressed out and looking for a warm, deep-fried hug. The shop's most representative dish combines a milky mango pudding with thick mango puree, mango ice and generous chunks of mango. For example, egg puff and waffle.

}); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fatty, richly marinated beef innards are as deeply ingrained in Hong Kong's street food culture as curry fishballs. ... Hong Kong Style French Toast. Out of the community rose a distinct culinary culture that centered on freshly caught seafood served with plenty of spices and "wok hei" -- good wok-wielding skills. Megan's Kitchen is one of the latest trend-setting hot pot restaurants famous for their rainbow meatballs in different flavors and colors, where the surprise is inside, like Kinder eggs. Go with at least three other people or be prepared to take home your leftovers. The chewy delicacy is best eaten dunked in the accompanying chili sauce.

And with a stall stewing fishball skewers in almost every 7-Eleven in the city, they're as ubiquitous and as accessible as that other classic Hong Kong snack, siu mai dumplings. Yuen Kee Dessert's Mulberry Mistletoe tea is a delicately sweet Chinese dessert with medicinal qualities, such as reinforcing the kidney and warding off rheumatism. At North Point Mini Egg Cakes, the eggy batter is toasted to golden-brown perfection and everyone from office workers to housewives crowd around each night for a delicious morsel. The city is home to some of the most food-obsessed people in the world and produces an extraordinary array of food items ranging from the stubbornly traditional to unselfconscious fusion foods, each more drool-worthy than the next. Brisket is a much maligned part of the cow in Western cooking, but you'll find huge chunks of it being slowly stewed in pots of sauce in noodle shop windows all over Hong Kong until they're tender and soaked with juicy goodness. Ingredients. The stench is a result of fermentation of the tofu and it is such an overpowering smell you'll be hard-pressed to shake it off for months to come. Both are filled with a rich custard that is much more eggy and less creamy than English custard tarts or Portuguese pasteis de nata. Directions. And yes, snake really does taste like chicken. Ah, but that would ignore the genius of a good Hong Kong line cook, who can somehow turn an egg into a fluffy, finely-layered gem of stomach-warming goodness. Learn the Secrets of Chinese Cooking. enable_page_level_ads: true With hardly an empty seat ever, Kwan Kee does rice crustily well using charcoal stoves that are near-extinct in Hong Kong food circles. Popular enough to have been exported around the world -- step into a Chinese bakery in Toronto, Taipei or Tianjin and you're likely to find one -- it's ubiquitous in Hong Kong. we use our homemade bread to make a Hong Kong style toast. Ho To Tai's wontons are also reputable and made to the size of a dollar-coin, as is the tradition. But Hong Kongers really love that stink. It's one in, all in at Hong Kong's hotpot restaurants. Top 10 Quick and Delicious Recipes to Cook for Sahur this Ramadan. In my version however, I like to add some mozzarella cheese and use maple syrup instead.

No, it isn't just for gwailos.


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