The ultimate Polish drunk food. Depending on the region different vegetables are added, sometimes wine. One of the most surprising dishes for foreigners is bigos (hunter\’s stew).

Flatware was not in use so everyone relished the food only with their hands.

Another interesting soup is barsh, soup made from beetroots. Polish soups are very filling and substantial so you can easily have them on their own and feel full most of the day. Press Esc to cancel. Pierogi are served in a variety of flavours thanks to different kinds of filling inside the dough. Over the centuries, that’s given rise to dishes like the hearty kopytka dumplings; a variety of the famous pierogi that comes topped with flavourful, paprika-packed goulash. Oil is at the top of the pyramid. In some modern restaurants, pierogi are taken to the next level and filled with truffles or caviar. To leave town without having tried a Plac Nowy zapiekanka would be felonious, as would settling for one anywhere else in Kraków. Pierogi. If you're lucky you'll get it served in a bread bowl, but it's still excellent without, and a good barometer for the merits of any Polish restaurant.
Underwhelming to say the least. We will start our little journey with one of the most famous polish dishes – pierogi. It is made from cabbage, sauerkraut and meat, and anything else that you can find in the fridge like the leftovers after roast dinner, sausages and ham. The beetroot concoction can trace its roots far into Russia and the Slavic land. Literally, the name means pigeons but don’t worry, it doesn’t have any pigeon in it!

Underwhelming to say the least. And that applies to everyone, not just Poles. It is just up to you which ones you are going to try.

PL's most successful culinary export, these doughy stuffed dumplings are traditionally filled with potato (Ruskie), sweet cheese, meat, mushrooms and cabbage, strawberries or plums. Order one at any train station in PL and you’ll get half a stale baguette covered with mushrooms and cheese, thrown in a toaster oven and squirted with ketchup.
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About Polish Food. It is great because making pork chops requires hitting the meat and that allows polish people to take out all the anger they have and as well do some exercise. Polish cuisine is often an unexpected highlight of many people’s trip thanks to the country’s food culture that's every bit as rich as other European nations. There are a few different types of barsh, but the most popular are two types: beetroot soup as a bullion and barsh with plenty of vegetables, potatoes and beans.

Just check out the juicy strudels sold in the bakeries in Krakow, or look to the chewy obwarzanek pretzels that are touted each morning on the street corners of the city’s Old Town – they look unusually like their German counterparts! Though sold in sausage casings, this is not a form of kiełbasa, as any Pole will emphatically tell you. It should be cooked for hours and it tastes even better the next day. Of course in some 'pierogarnia' (pierogi specialty houses) you will find maverick fillings like broccoli, chocolate or liver, as the possibilities are truly limitless.

Polish Food: 14 Essential Dishes to try in Kraków. In the winter, you’ll notice sizzling oscypek sheep’s cheese on the grills of Zakopane, typically served up with a side of sweet cranberry. Best Polish Main Dishes Pierogi is the most popular Polish food.

Aside from the tasty makowiec (poppy cake) and the ubiquitous Polish blood sausage (the kiełbasa), there are also some seriously tasty reminders of the presence of Austrian heritage in these parts. An interesting tale is attached to this dish as it was the dish served by the parents of young women to her suitors as a sign that their proposal of marriage was not accepted. If you're vegetarian or have fussy kids you can also get them 'solo' with just sour cream. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Everywhere in the capital, travellers can indulge in filling platters of the iconic pierogi dumpling (a sort of potato pasty packed with cheese and topped with fried onions). Those times Polish food was quite spicy and calorific.

You simply haven’t had a thorough sampling of it until you’ve tried all the traditional dishes below, all of which you should be able to find in almost any Polish restaurant or milk bar in town.


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