in both areas. Have in mind that both of you are human beings made of flesh and blood. Even if you have kids, a family, everyday jobs, chores and other duties, you should still spend some quality time with your significant other. 15 Realistic Goals For A Healthy Marriage. Just don’t forget to have some self-respect along the way! Always attempt to keep your marriage “flame” lit. This focus can be easily maintained by setting up a date night at least once a month. You and your significant other are equals; there are no submissive or dominant roles here and both of your opinions and desires count equally. Marriage goals are basically some targets which you strive to accomplish in your relationship. We always feel like we need to get. Well, the truth is actually somewhat different. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that love is the only marriage goal you should strive for because sadly, there are times when it’s simply not enough. What most people forget is that there is not much point in loving each other if you don’t share mutual respect, which is something you can’t have a happy marriage without. It’s important to remember that we are all going to make mistakes from time to time. How do you set goals in marriage? It is remembering that you promised to be there for each other in both good and bad days, in sickness and health and that a break up is the last option you won’t even take into consideration. It could be as simple as finding a need in your community and meeting it together. As a couple, we should be setting aside time to just be alone and enjoy each others company. This is the person you share your life with and if you can’t tell each other what you think and how you honestly feel, without holding anything back, what’s the point of your relationship? When you have good communication, you and your spouse will learn from your arguments. Through intimacy, with Jesus Christ, we can see a, Remember, that when we were joined together in biblical marriage we become one flesh. Even if you don’t believe in God in traditional terms, I’m sure you do believe in something or someone to whom you pray and who you think can give you a hand when you’re going through rough times. If our dad took out the trash, we expect our husbands to do the same. Don’t take their efforts for granted and put a smile on your face for every little thing they do for you. The most powerful goal in every marriage is faith. Of course, expect the same treatment back. Jealousy is also an important aspect of trust. Scripture makes this clear in Matthew chapter 18. Show your partner that you appreciate everything they’re doing for your marriage and be thankful for the effort they put into setting goals for your future together.


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