Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! Jim joins the group late one night. Michael was a much needed road trip partner in crime, if only in cyberspace. You can love each other like you love the parts of yourself and even admire some of their stronger traits in a way that inspires you to embrace and strengthen the weaker parts of yourself. But not on the one day of the year designated to celebrate your birth. There's more. Then William, Jack, Emily and Eva come together to form a chatroom they call ‘Chiswick’s Bloody Opinionated’. I find it the best of trades; for, whether we are right or wrong, we are paid equally well. He’d arrived from London and was anxious to celebrate my trip. I got in the shower and found myself humming a cool song I heard the day before. Neither does she. You are now subscribed to our More Good Stuff maling list. What came first, the music or the misery? I’m going out with the lads,” he said with a little smile. Theatrefolk cannot be held responsible for any issues, technical, financial, legal, or otherwise, arising from the producing organization’s relationship with BookTix. I don’t get it, why is it when you become a teenager everything gets so confusing? Think not I love him, though I ask for him; ‘Tis but a peevish boy; yet he talks well. Here’s a monologue of him talking to his friend, Ivan, as they wait for the bus. [ A second paper enters with the headline: “WESTINGHOUSE IN PCB SUIT”. How can you win Whac-A-Mole when you’re the mole? We are bringing Las Vegas slot machine games closer to you at anytime, anywhere. Yesterday, I thought I’d have a little fun and wear that bandana my little brother gave me, with the good ole Red, White, and Blue, United States Flag printed on it…You should have seen the looks on their faces, they didn’t know whether to throw me a peace sign or beat me up…but you can forget about it, I’m not wearing enough under arm deodorant to try that stunt again today, so please, just take it off!

As the monologue begins, Miranda is still coming to terms with the evening’s shocking events.

Lauren tells Callie a touching story of another patient in a coma—a hopeful ruse to see if she can soften Callie’s cold heart. Britney Spears Is ‘Afraid of Her Father,’ Loses Bid to Remove Him As Conservator, The pop star is fighting back, saying she won’t perform “if her father is in charge of her career.”. For my 40th birthday, I had a flower crown custom (youthful!) More often than not, these are uninterrupted monologues or soliloquy, which the character may be delivering to the audience, or could just be talking to himself. When I got on the bus, the girls seemed to look at me differently. She attempts to get started multiple times, getting interrupted by her own thoughts and missteps, all in a constant effort to describe the perfect conversation. A shoe maker in making shoes can’t spoil a scrap of leather without having to pay for it, but we can spoil a man without paying one farthing for the damage done. Well, that means you’ve taught me the meaning of love, it’s expanding, always. I felt his breath in my lungs and his heartbeat in my own. Paul wore a blue button down and jeans, a timeless, all-American classic. This list of fellow May 16 birthday celebrators shows me, to my relief, that we are the jazz hands anomaly of the 28 days of Taurus. Check out our My astrologically-inclined friend who reads Instagram placards for inspirational posts threw in her mystical, cyber two cents. Funny monologues have been an integral part of acting, drama and movies. Whenever I’m in his part of town, I see him. A left turn. Plot – Rob Gordon is a record-store owner, going through a mid-life crisis. Plot – Kevin’s girlfriend, Maria, recently broke up with him because he didn’t meet her, and was at Stephenie’s house. All Rights Reserved. You know usually I press the snooze button about four or five times…but today was different, when I heard the alarm, I just sprang out of bed and said to myself, “Today is going to be a great day!” I don’t know why I said it, but I was feeling great! He wore a brown cowboy-style corduroy vest suit. (Pause.) He was in an AirBnB a few blocks from my sublet. In town, I drank a goddess tonic and got a tarot reading. We are never responsible for the bad work, and we cut away as we please in the stuff we work on. Let’s see. My inner monologue is, “Here’s my birthday twin! button then follow the check-out procedure. Think about it…I’m supposed to wash my face BEFORE I exercise to prevent build-up. We’d met on the street when he asked if he could pet my dog.


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