This isn’t your mom’s rom-com. No worries, if in French, they are subtitled! With a similar feel to the classic New Zealand film “Once Were Warriors,” it deals with issues of a strained father-son relationship, abandonment and finding your own voice. Hilarious to the core and comprising of rib-tickling fun, ‘C’est quoi cette famille ? It would all be nice and uneventful if they didn’t have the idea to share their smartphones, SMS, and phone calls, for the time of this dinner… sometimes, the truth hurts. He is unhappy with Anna’s lack of ambition while she is satisfied with her job as a waitress in Paris. Until the day he discovers that the mother of his son is linked to the gypsy mob. Synopsis: With determination, Antoine Griezmann overcame the difficulties to rise to the top and become one of the best footballers in the world. The Artist received widespread critical acclaim and won many accolades. (2020) – Bad boy of the French football, arrogant, precocious, misunderstood, scorer, unclassifiable, genius, unmanageable. Directed by Guillaume Pierret, and starring Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Ramzy Bedia. Synopsis: In 1975, Seyolo Zantoko, a freshly graduated doctor from Kinshasa, seized the opportunity to work as a country doctor in a small French village. Their little brother Noumouké, 15 years old, is still looking for his way and has to choose which of his two older brothers he wants to be like. Owing to his PTSD, he is still recovering from the perils of war and also has a strong likeness for Jessie. What's on Netflix is a unofficial fansite for Netflix. Violette is often busy with her work in the fashion industry. Read More: Movies That Will You Cry on Netflix. Soane, upon arriving in France and being declared unfit for some reason, resorts to doping, works as a bouncer and fools around. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Or, search around to find your new favorite! And if you wind up wanting more where that came from, FluentU is your one-stop-shop for awesome video material loaded up with authentic French speech. It turns out that Harry knows a lot about Michel, having even gone so far as to memorize a poem he wrote that appeared in a school publication years earlier. Director François Ozon is often associated with “New French Extremism” and the cinéma du corps (cinema of the body), both of which commonly refer to films of an edgy, transgressive nature. This movie received many awards in France. The plot focuses on a British crime novelist, Sarah Morton, who travels to her publisher’s upmarket summer house in Southern France to seek solitude in order to work on her next book. Benoit Magimel, Laura Smet. Blind Date (2015) by Clovis Cornillac – French romantic comedy directed by and starring Clovis Cornillac. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. It caused significant outrage on social media, and a petition was started asking Netflix to halt the film’s release. As it is expected, the movie shifts from ghosts, to thriller with the sexual aspects of it, thus moving to the internal questions about grieving and disappointment. Cut to a few scenes later when we could see them enter a shopping area, trying on clothes, listening to music and waiting for one of the biggest incidents in Paris’ history. Athletes become sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, who test their new drugs on them. You’ll find yourself cheering along for Samy, who, like Dendoune, may at first seem an underdog with no mountaineering experience. Charlie is a French teenager tortured by her solitude and self-doubt. The 6 of them spend a lot of time together as a summer fling and the movie ends on their last day on vacation. The Artist (2011) –  Written, directed, and co-edited by Michel Hazanavicius, the film stars Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. The heartfelt, comedic and ultimately inspiring journey will have you wanting to watch the film several times, solidifying your vocabulary and tuning your ear to the comedic dialogue. With heart and determination, Antoine Griezmann overcame his small stature to become one of the world’s top soccer players and a World Cup champion. Close enemies (2018) – French Belgian drama – Imrane and Manuel, members of an Arabic crime family, celebrate their friend Nouri’s release from jail. The film was born in France in the hands of the Lumière brothers, and the revolutionary Georges Méliès. Synopsis: In a ghetto where illegal activities and religions are everywhere, Dounia is thirsty for power and success. A great way to combat preexisting prejudice was to stand on the highest point on earth. Clocking in at almost two hours long with near-constant dialogue, it’s a whole lot of content. Let me know if you liked it or not. More specifically, the youngest brother Noumouke is forming his identity and deciding on a path to go down. One of the darkest movie on this list, “You Will Be My Son” is a captivating thriller. The climb (2019) – comedy directed by Michael Angelo Covino. Good performances overall. With MHD, Darren Muselet, Aïssa Maïga. As it scrambles through the pitfalls of Paris, it remembers its life with the young man it was once attached to, until they met Gabrielle. This movie produced by the French rapper is about the creation of his album “Les étoiles vagabondes”. Avec Manu Payet, Mélanie Bernier. Their love intensifies, and they start sleeping together, albeit separated by a thin wall. Through this encounter, orchestrating the unexpected alliance between hip-hop and classical dance, Joseph will learn to feel legitimate as a dancer and leader and become an artist. Red might be the color of love, but blue is the warmest color. 9 Movies Like Midnight at the Magnolia You Must Watch, 7 Movies Like Operation Christmas Drop You Can’t Miss, 15 Best Telugu Movies on Netflix Right Now, 6 Best Movies Based on Incestuous Relationships on Netflix Right Now. The film maintains an even, relaxed pace throughout. While not racing, he splits his time between working as a forklift operator during the daytime and taking care of his son Sofiane whenever his ex-wife Leyla attempts to find employment. Heralded as a masterclass in storytelling and animation, the film follows the journey of a severed hand making its way through Paris’s streets to reunite with its owner, Naoufel. From a classroom argument to a daughter-mother discussion, almost every scene is heart-breaking. The film highlights the pillars of women’s emancipation: access to education, healthcare and employment, and the right to abortion. The film was nominated for six Golden Globes, the most of any 2011 film, and won three: Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Original Score, and Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Dujardin. Together, the two work to refashion old recipes for modern tastes. It won the audience award at the 19th annual COLCOA French Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Best First Film award at the 2015 Cabourg Film Festival. The latter tells them about the city of Budapest in Hungary. From the creator of television serial Lil’ Quinquin, there is a refreshment in the shape of a mysterious and frictionless piece called Slack Bay. Personal Shopper is a thrilling and exciting story about Maureen (Kristen Stewart), who believes that she can communicate with her dead brother. He then plunges into a brutal world where he doesn’t know the rules. By Jean-Patrick Benes. An intelligent and engrossing cinematic experience that you will love if you are into French cinema. The case became a media spectacle in France, and no killer has ever been identified. List of French Movies & TV Series on Netflix Last updated: August 4th, 2020 Welcome to the full list of every French movie and TV series currently streaming on Netflix in the United States. Read More: Best Spanish Movies on Netflix. (2016) – A grad student tries to get closer to her professor, who studies flightless cold-weather birds, by injecting herself with a penguin’s genetic material. Standing Tall (2016) – From Cambodia to Cameroon via Senegal, Ethiopia and Nicaragua, Nils Tavernier sets out to meet five women with extraordinary destinies. It employs some artier film techniques in a playful manner, such as introducing the main characters by means of narration and having them speak directly to the camera. This is why watching French movies on Netflix is one of your best options. It’s no coincidence that the term auteur, referring to a director who creates films according to their own creative vision, is the French word for “author.”. Written and directed by the prolific French rapper Kery James, the tale gives a stunning insight into the struggles and challenges of growing up in these often troubled areas. While on vacation with his family, Michel runs into an old classmate from lycée, Harry. Eventually, he comes up with an innovative idea where the kids will live together in one place and it will now be the adults who are doing the weekly rotations. This time, Bruno Dumont tries to impress us with the unique film that doesn’t know what logic and continuity are. The free world’s fate rests on the shoulders of a maritime acoustics specialist Chanteraide, played by François Civil. “Breathe” is a breath of fresh air in the middle of so many traditional coming of age stories. The touching story justifies the length of the movie and the reason why it was initially divided into two chapters. We follow the life of Dany Dorémus, a secretary that at the beginning of the movie steals her boss’ car. Avec Charlotte Lebon et Guillaume Canet, (2016) – In the 2020s, France’s economy collapses, and corporations buy its debt. The trio, Sonia, Cécile, and Elise, are friends who go to the Côte d’Azur in the south of France to help Cécile prepare her vacation home to be sold. They will live their crazy last expedition. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. An eye-opening sex comedy, ‘I am Not an Easy Man’ marks a very important milestone in the French cinema, especially when there’s a lot of discussion around Feminism versus the prevailing male chauvinism. It brings you into contact with many different styles and modes of speech. Marc is also a confirmed bachelor and a bit of a Casanova. “The French Minister” follows Arthur Vlaminck, a new employee at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, as he tries to find his footing and comes into contact with a wide range of distinctive characters. You have a limited amount of time and don’t want to waste it watching something boring. Gradually consumed by anger, Paul is caught in a terrifying conflict. 11 – I lost my body / J’ai perdu mon corps (2019). But when it comes to feature films, you’re sorta left to fend for yourself. From this list of French movies on Netflix, Divines is the movie that received the most of the awards, winning a prize at the Festival de Cannes and getting three prizes at the Césars (The French Oscar). Gad Gone Wild (2017) – Gad Elmaleh’s latest One Man show is mainly performed in French In Gad Gone Wild, Gad uses personal experiences as a Frenchie in the US to highlight cultural differences with his very singular humor between both countries. However, there is a good reason why this movie is that well ranked, and it is mainly because the director tries to normalize the abnormal, and he succeeds in achieving that. That is, until he hits his head, and a kind of French “Freaky Friday” happens, which completely alters the fabric of the universe.


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