Her momma needs to open her eyes. Good glad briana raggedy a-s got popped she way to involved in everybody fkn business plus she bitter and jealous of everyone she has no storyline. ‘Braxton Family Values’ Drama Led to a Physical Altercation Between Family Members? Egypt wants to be a thug all of a sudden, but she looked terrified after she hit Briana. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this idiot within 1 inch of their daughter. And Egypt ended up assaulting Briana. Bri was ready for the bs be a use she didn’t think she was gone get knocked out. You can’t keep coming for somebody you call a little sister the ENTIRE season and throw dirt on her relationship, intelligence, and family. Egypt is really letting Sam blow her head all the way up. Good post, Lulu, the haters are such epic hypocrites. She was the agressor, she took off her rings and Egypt didn’t wait to get it in. Be gone. Briana is only shocked because she mistakenly thought everyone on there is scared of her. Pepa needs to stop acting like Sam reminds her of Treach. Bri would’ve destroyed Egypt. I find myself looking forward to it now. It’s always those peaceful types you have to watch out for. Even at 21 she is still in a child’s mindset. And she gave Egypt a warning in a tweet as well. Now what y’all gonna watch brianna and lil twist drug heads. can she see this man is using her daughter for the spotlight she’s having her daughter over to fool on a SilverPlatter … I wasn’t a big fan of Brianna but this time however I agree with her Sam was walking around laughing like a little bi…ch. That whole family ain’t S–T!!! Everybody SAW THAT!! So I don’t believe sh-t neither one of the has to say about anything. Brianna and Twist make the show for me. I agree. You have a full selection of good dudes but you would stay picking the community bum d-ck. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations. I want her to take her 32 year old self and focus on getting her a man to start a healthy relationship for self and leave Egypt and Sam’s young love alone. Poor Egypt she looks crazy and she looks older than she is. Tee Tee get life or a man , stop with the storyline get your own story line…. Regardless of what family always come first so it would be easier for Egypt to swing on Briana for disrespecting her man and relationship as opposed to swinging on Tee Tee who’s her blood. Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. Growing Up Hip Hop Egypt Punched Briana in the face - YouTube The tension has spilled over onto social media. She been reaching out and touching people since season 1. GO BRIANA ❤❤❤, Sam does not seem like a good catch at all I don’t understand how her parents don’t show more concern, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY Egypt 2 pieced that loud mouth TROLLOP Bri (would like fries and a drink with that). This girl is so confused and being taken advantage of by a manipulative a hole. As long as the ratings are amazing. they talked about this fight the whole season and then cut off the fight I’m annoyed and they’re still talking about the fight as if we actually seen the actual footage. Clearly the producers have as well because they were doing everything they could to keep her from beating Egypt’s a-s that day. He not a main character. All the Simmons have cameras time but only one of Pep’s kids gets the majority of the camera time, along with her bum dude. So now Egypt think see is a Gangster her and Sam need to go some were and sit down some were, I’m glad Sam and Egypt leaving the show esp Sam punk @$$ Egypt need to stop and so does t reach they whack lol Hope she learns a lesson by getting a law suit Sam can’t even pay his own child support smh. However, Pep does make a difference with her kids. Strong enough to hit her by a-s don’t forget Eqypt brother knows how to fight so I’m sure he taught his lil sis. Egypt Criss Slams Briana Latrise and 'Growing up Hip Hop' After the Big Fallout. Egypt don’t seem like the fighting type…she planned that well and security saved her. And she gave Egypt a warning in a tweet as well. I’ve seen Briana fight. Pathetic. i’m surprise that Pep …. #loveBrina&lilTwist!! Briana is drunk as hell in these videos. It’s telling that security gave not one f-ck about Egypt after she hit Briana. Looks like karma came to me. However, Briana wasn’t allowed to return the violence. life is a lesson that baby girl still young nobody could tell bri nothing when ole boy was knocking her upside her head on tv u live u learn. Females will always side with their men over their friends. Sam gay a**too!I fast forward when they show that family!!! Anyway, she said the punch wasn’t strong enough to hurt her and she’s more hurt that Egypt would do that to her. POOR EGYPT. This is due to the fact that security simply refused to let her get anywhere near Egypt. Neither wants Egypt to marry him either. It sounds like the producers knew this was going to happen and that’s why they begged Briana not to fight beforehand. When Sam shows his TRUE COLORS Pepa AND Egypt will have the shame face, but by then the baby dummy will have already married the wolf in sheep clothing. Egypt you don’t have to put your hands on people to get your point across you still a child grow up you on TV everybody send this what kind of example are you making for the young girls younger than you you acting like this you don’t have to put your hand on people Egypt, Am not a Bri fan,but they were out pocket, now if Bri would have STOMPED & DRAGGED HER AZZ, EVERYONE WOULD HAVE BEEN SCREAMING SHE’S A BULLY… I DON’T CONDOM VIOLENCE, BUT BRI MAKE HER MAMA FEEL THAT S***T, First of all egypt is still to young to be getting married they both look like to young kids trying to grow up to fast take time and enjoy life why would you want to tie your self down with someone that already has two baby mama. I’m laughing because Sam describes her as an animal that he unleashed. I won’t miss her corny actions next season. you two have something special, Brianna did the samething towards teetee by cursing teetee out for no reason,and giving teetee the middle finger,now karma done bit her a-s right back,and Egypt u no u wrong for tht sucker punch sneak attack u know u bttr watch ur back brianna will be comin right back for u, Not that I am excusing what Briana did as far as Tee Tee goes but at the time Briana was high out of her mind. Briana is always threatening people. Sam has really brought her down to his level, I Agree. Egypt said her parents are rich, if so they don’t act like it. Romeo Miller clashed with Angela Simmons. I don’t blame Egypt at all. This is due to the fact that her issues with Briana Latrise have now turned physical. K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations. !I’m glad she’s leaving the show!! “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant isn’t on the best terms with Karen Huger. I guess she found out that Egypt wasn’t the one to be played with. Interestingly enough, things have escalated. Anyway, this is probably more so over Pepa than Sam. From the Debarge girl, Angela Simmons, Lil Easy and his wife. That sneak sh-t is wack. Pepe will not understand it when Sam has her daughter looking stupid Egypt can do better than Sam. Right in the kisser was deserved! Just because it’s not shown on tv doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. And although she’s not a fan of Sam, she’s always gotten along with Egypt. I agree. I hope Brianna pressed charges. Briana steady doin the most & stickin her nose into sh-t that doesn’t concern her. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. She should apologize and keep her nose out of Egypt’s business, then concentrate on making a way for herself that’s positive. . Pepa needs to stop selling her child for ratings. #EgyptCriss #BrianaLatrice #GrowingUpHipHopNewYorkEGYPT PUNCHED BRIANA IN THE FACE GROWING UP HIP HOP NEW YORK DRAMAThe beef has spilled over onto social media between two cast members Egypt and Briana . So she came in peace. I know briana type all bark no bite when it’s time to get down they fkn run. Are you really that blind?! She just like her daddy messy. This must be Sam posting under cover. What’s Millennial ish is paying someone child support, your momma buying him a car to do Uber and taking care of a dude that does not work.


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