This recipe for edible cookie dough uses blanched almond flour.

Raise your hand if you sneak dough from the mixing bowl when you’re making cookies …

Cookie Dough Bites made with almond flour (GF) are a quick, easy (and EDIBLE) way to get your cookie dough fix. Here are the ingredients we used to make this edible cookie dough. It is gluten free and keto friendly flour that is great base for so many keto recipes. Maple syrup; Almond milk; Vanilla extract; Chocolate chips: or a chopped up bar of chocolate; Now it’s time to make edible cookie dough! You can make edible cookie dough using heat-treated flour instead, but I prefer almond flour … Edible Cookie Dough Recipe Ingredients. With this recipe, I’m not afraid to offer it to my own, or someone else’s, children. There’s a better way to enjoy raw cookie dough right now. Now, blanched almond flour is just raw almonds that have had their skins removed and then ground into a fine powder. Almond Flour – We love using almond flour on its own to make all kinds of Keto baked goods. Plus, they’re made with just 5 INGREDIENTS! Keto Cookie Dough Recipe. You only need 7 basic ingredients to make this edible cookie dough recipe: Almond flour – Raw wheat flour can contain harmful bacteria, so it isn’t safe to eat. Blanched almond flour: the light consistency of blanched almond flour allows it to absorb liquids evenly, giving you the best results.


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