Forgot password? Since 1993 Nike has been running a program called Reuse-a-Shoe. Collect toys for children in need. But rather than watch your neighbor’s fearsome 8-year-old twins, contact a local women’s shelter, foster parent group, or social services department to volunteer your care. Give valentines and other cards in individuals who are in the local hospital. It can point you to new interests, new friends, and if you’re really lucky, maybe even a lifelong career. Set up a volunteer referral service between your school or organization and other community organizations. 32. Contact Habitat for Humanity to see how you can support them in your community. Also…check with your local police station or fire station. Marie launched TeenLife in 2007 after moving to Boston with her husband and two middle school sons and discovering that there were no information resources for families with older children. Conduct an Easter Egg Hunt for needy children. Assist in a shelter day-care room, taking care of children while parents look for jobs. Mow the lawn for your Dad on Father's Day. Start an anti-smoking campaign that encourages students not to smoke. Invite local police officers to present a drug awareness or bike safety assembly. Tutor students who are learning English as a second language. Have a book drive to collect new and excellent condition used books for children who do not have access to many books (poverty or disaster areas in the U.S., other countries, a local Head Start or homeless shelter). Donate to local shelters or animal organizations. Here are 50 tips to help set you on the path to community service superstardom. ☺☺☺☺, Your email address will not be published. Raise money for homeless pets or sick, … Volunteers make new friends and feel that they are part of the community in which they live. Offer to read to people in a nursing home. After reading a story about child slavery in the Toronto Star, 12-year-old Craig Kielburger began Free the Children. Feeding the hungry, donating presents to the poor, and performing errands for the elderly are all examples of community service projects for kids. Become a Big Buddy for one or more of the children at the homeless shelter. Help senior citizens in your neighborhood obtain and install locks or smoke alarms. Feature community minded people on a school bulletin board. Add some appreciation into the unit, as well. Thanksgiving is another rallying point for service organizations. Set up a buddy system for kids with special needs at your school. Work in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause. Start a collection drive for old sports equipment and donate it to needy families. You can also visit the “First Book” website for ideas for book-related community service activities such as “Speed Read”…, 27. Something went wrong! Contact job training and placement centers in your community. Serve as a coach for a youth sports team. Go for a walk with a senior citizen in your community. 41 Fun Frog Games and Activity Ideas for Kids, Bird Games and Activities for Kids [The Best Bird Theme Ideas], A List of 40 Community Service Ideas for Middle School Students, 27 Fun Under the Sea Theme Ideas and Activities, 35 Worm Themed Games and Activities for Kids. Invite them to imagine what fun another child can have with their toy, also. Organize or participate in a sleep-out to connect with organizations that fight homelessness. Hold a used book sale and donate the money. Offer to rake leaves, shovel the driveway, or do housework for someone in need. Some shelters have temporary foster care programs. Find homes in shelters for abandoned pets. Sponsor a walkathon, bowl-athon, read-athon, etc. Use a lunch box instead of throwaway bags. Set up a visit with your local nursing home and simply take your pets along for the residents to enjoy. world of experiential learning as well as receive special offers on programs and services that Environmental organizations need volunteers to do tasks like water testing, trail maintenance and animal management. Ask your governor to sign a proclamation for a national event. Do something creative on the holidays for the Senior Citizens (cook a meal, bake cookies, dress up in costumes, etc. Find out when your senators or representatives are holding public meetings; attend them. Teach an elderly neighbor a new card game. Volunteer to teach classes on a sport you enjoy and know a lot about. Plant a commemorative tree to honor someone. Take them to your local, Pick up some non-perishables to donate to your local, Certain shelters, fire departments, and foster parent organizations, alongside organizations like, Pick up some trash. Local organizations often host holiday parties or gift giveaways. Learn about pet therapy and do pet therapy with your animal at nursing homes and day care centers. Publicize the event to the school and the local community. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes. Organize a neighborhood group to plant, tend and harvest a vegetable garden. Organize a food scavenger hunt to collect food for the needy. If your community doesn't have a food bank, work with local officials to start one. Community Enrichment Advocate Patch Program® Create a Zoom Family Charades Competition. This is something to share with parents, childcare providers, and educators! Donate old eyeglasses to an organization or place that recycles them for the needy. Nonprofits usually recruit a ton of one-off volunteers for big events like festivals or block parties. Jonathan Woods established the Under the Tree foundation at 12, when he realized that holiday toy drives are often aimed at younger children and exclude teens who are also in need. Make a gift for the secretary of a non-profit organization you are associated with. Clear plastic shoebox-size containers for craft storage and organization, Haircare items (brushes, big tooth combs, No More Tangles, ponytail holders, hair clips). ), Do art projects with people in nursing homes (Finger painting.). Set up donation centers for animal products to be donated to needy. Decorate a Christmas tree at a nursing home, hospital, school or homeless shelter. Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking. Volunteer at a crisis line that relies on teen volunteers as peer counselors. Your email address will not be published. Once you’ve read up, be sure to check out our full list of teen volunteer opportunities to find something near you. Cheer up a sick friend with a visit or phone call. Find our what's wrong with it and how to make it better. Volunteer to coach or referee with a youth team. Chelsea Lee Smith is an author, certified parent educator, and mother of three children with a background in Communications and Counselling. Mason's Greatest Gems {Printed Storybook}, « 5 Activities to Teach Children About Unity, Printable Garden of Virtues Activity Book, Online Positive Discipline Classes with Chelsea! Ring the bell for Salvation Army during the holidays. In exchange for financial support, you often get a photo and biography of your new adoptee. Plan native flowers or plants along highways. Conduct a community service project during the Big Help Day in October. Worn-out athletic shoes of any brand are collected, processed and recycled into material used in sports surfaces like basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, running tracks and playgrounds for young people around the world. Below you will find a list of 50 possible family friendly community service ideas. Have your class hold an old videotape drive and donate them to your library. Author, certified parent educator, and mother of three with a background in Communications and Counselling, Chelsea provides resources to parents and teachers who want to incorporate personal growth into everyday moments. Adding some motivation…when the student body met their goal, the PTA vice president Gretchen Berthiaume and a student volunteer had their heads shaved during a school assembly.___________Looking for a fun way to raise money for your favorite charity? Get a group together to sing or present a play at a nursing home. Raise money for Braille or large print books for blind or visually impaired people. UNL web framework and quality assurance provided by the, Apply to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Give to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2020 Successful Farmer Series information, Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Staff Blogs, Nebraska Extension Publications & Mobile Apps, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Admissions, 366 Community Service Ideas for 4-H & Youth. How can you be sure you’re finding opportunities that are right for you? Make gifts with friends for kids in the hospital. Hold a used book sale after school, or on an evening or Saturday at the school or the local library.


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