Cherry blossom season runs between April and May. Cons: Towards the end of March the cherry blossom begins to emerge in the south of the country, which is celebrated by the Japanese with picnics in local parks. ・The Golden Week public holiday period can start in late April, resulting in busy accommodation and transport. The timing of the blooms depends entirely upon the warming weather. ・The rainy season will begin to wind down towards the end of July. If you don’t have the time or resources to plan a getaway in southern islands, there are other beaches that are easier to reach. It seems that now is the time to visit Japan, so we've got tips on how to beat the crowds, get a great deal, and see the cherry blossom on your Japan holiday. Atami 1-Day Itinerary: Exploring Japan's Castle & Hot Springs Resort Town Near Tokyo!

Everyone says to visit during cherry blossom season, but is that really the best time to travel?

Taking a boat trip along Meguro River, in Tokyo for a different perspective of the flowering trees. Beware, though: School holidays and Golden Week, at the end of the month, can cause crowds to swell. Doll's Festival (Hina Matsuri) This is the month that, while not cold, calls for a light jacket to stave off the (mostly evening) chill. Summer weather in Japan ■March Temperatures can drop suddenly, so layers and waterproof gear are a must! Mid-August

Switzerland is…, We had a fantastic summer hiking all over Kananaskis. Other fun winter wonders to enjoy include stunning lights shows, magnificent snow festivals, and delightful Christmas markets.

Emperor's Birthday (Tenno no Tanjobi) Getting cherry blossom right in Japan is something of an art form. But it’s not all negative: temperatures are low, but the weather is dry. The cheapest time to visit most of Japan is in the winter between November and March. It’s a fantastic time to hike the Kumano Kodo and get outside. Even when no typhoons are spinning nearby to mix things up, Japan is a relatively wet country with ample rainfall and high humidity. September may be a leafy, fall-like time of year where you’re from, but in Japan, things are still pretty sticky – especially at the beginning of the month. April

If you are planning to visit Japan in December, avoid visiting during the last week of the month and the first week of January. From October to November, it’s time for the ruby red leaves of Japanese maples, while December sees the first chills of winter touch the country. The busy season months here can become very crowded. Each region has its own speciality, so sample away!

As seen in the above chart, August to December is low on international tourists, with the quietest month being September. November 23 (National holiday) How to Get to Sapporo's Top Ski Resorts & Snowy Areas by Train and Bus!

Oh man where do I start!? Picnic under the beautiful flowing trees in any public park during this special season. It’s not absolutely freezing, but it is definitely winter. Around September 23 (National holiday)

Go tailor-made! The world will all be watching Japan this year as the Summer Olympic Games come to Tokyo. It doesn’t affect daily life like the Southeast Asian wet season.

You may also want to stay at one of the many ryokans nearby. Despite its reputation, summer is a great season to spend in Japan. Sapporo sees an average high of 16°C, while Osaka has 23°C. New Year's Eve (Omisoka) ・Famous cherry blossom spots are packed with people, particularly on weekends. Chase Rewards are some of our favorite points to earn as they’re high value and can be redeemed in a multitude of ways. Mountain Day (Yama no Hi) Partaking in the spectacle will be a constant battle with crowds, especially in major cities. The meaning? Larger cities will become a little quieter. As a snowboard lover, my favorite time to travel to Hokkaido is in the winter. Average temperatures across the country are not usually above 20°C. ・Mostly comfortable weather on the cooler side. Japan is extremely enjoyable to visit during the spring.


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