Many of the local wineries and restaurants, as well as the quaint inns, have been remodeled with ramps and elevators to accommodate disabled guests. This quaint island in Georgia’s Golden Isles is a great place to relax. The Handy Item I Always Pack: "Plenty of extra thick hair elastics. Our fantastic and diverse range of limited mobility holidays will encourage you to get out and see the world one step at a time, because not everyone is content to just stay close to their accommodation the whole time. “There is an accessible entrance located on the southwest side of the building on the Nativity Facade, and the church can easily be reached by accessible bus or taxi. Whether you use a wheelchair or a cane to improve your mobility, or just need a little extra time to get around, there are lots of exciting places that you can see around the world. Many other amazing sites in London are also mostly wheelchair-accessible, including Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare’s Globe, and world-class museums like the Tate Modern and massive British Museum. Pattaya is an excellent choice for disabled individuals seeking a resort experience. Not all national parks are accessible, but the National Park Service (NPS) did create an Accessibility Task Force in 2012 that has since implemented a five-year plan to increase accessibility throughout the parks between 2015 and 2020. The most common issues that differently-abled tourists encounter include adapted hotel rooms, airport transfers, wheelchair access vehicles, adapted toilets in […] From the iconic Golden Triangle around Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, to the beaches, backwaters and tea plantations of Kerala and even skiing in Gulmarg, India is developing superbly when it comes to accessible travel. Our disabled access holiday advice comes from some of our most celebrated travellers with various special needs - the overall advice is get out there and have fun, not just opt for the boring option because they are catering for your needs.

If you’re interested in visiting Canada and have a special need, then definitely put Montreal on your travel bucket list. Family trips in Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City are tailormade, taking into account guests with limited mobility. Traveling with limited mobility can be a challenge in destinations that don’t have wheelchair accessibility standards like those established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). LEGOLAND also offers an Assisted Access Pass with a return time that can accommodate up to six people. There are no steps in the entire building (including emergency exits), a barrier-free movement design, low-level counters, controls, etc., and menus in Braille. With 2,100 tactile and Braille street signs and accessibility for almost all their public transportation, Sydney is quickly becoming a disability-friendly destination. Any type of travel comes with its own set of challenges, but those challenges are multiplied if you are living with disabilities. Some cruise ships known for their top-notch accessibility include the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum, Freedom, Oasis, Radiance and Vision Class, Celebrity’s Solstice Class and Millennium Class, and Holland America’s Vista Class.


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