Arizona State University is "One university in many places" — five distinctive campuses throughout metropolitan Phoenix that create a federation of unique colleges and schools. They developed lab procedures for working with the hardware to make sure they weren’t damaging anything as they assembled the satellite. They started selecting off-the-shelf components, buying two of each so they would have an engineering model and spare parts to draw from if needed. “Liftoff of Antares,” the voice from mission control said, and the crowd whooped and cheered. "So we categorized those different building types.". Rogers graduated in May with her bachelor’s degree and stayed on this fall to start a master’s degree program in aerospace engineering at ASU. In August, Rogers and fellow teammate Vivek Chacko flew to Houston to hand-deliver the spacecraft. The team is also working on stabilizing the spacecraft and positioning its solar panels. “It feels so incredible to know that Phoenix is soon going to be able to do everything that we’ve designed it to do, and really make a difference,” Rogers said. The Arizona State Press Snapchat, @statepress. The overlying concept was developed from Dr. Philip Christensen’s idea to make a small (but not CubeSat small) satellite called ‘CitySat’ which would capture images of urban areas across several wavelength bands. Follow The Republic environmental reporting team at and at OurGrandAZ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Our mission is novel, and the way that we’re studying the urban heat island effect itself is also still relatively new within the scientific community,” Rogers said. By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. They hope that by capturing infrared thermal images of the cities, the satellite will generate block-by-block data on heat trends, which could help urban planners design cooler cityscapes to withstand the effects as the world continues to heat up due to the burning of fossil fuels. In addition, preparation for the science investigation alone will introduce new contributions to the scientific community, as the student team will need to use ArcMap GIS to create the LCZ maps for the target cities which did not exist when the proposal was written. The ASU Phoenix CubeSat team successfully launched its satellite from the International Space Station on Feb. 19, marking one of the goals in a years-long project by the University. That fall, she and other students got word from Bowman that NASA was offering grants allowing undergraduates to take on projects such as building CubeSats.

For more stories that matter, subscribe to Phoenix intends to isolate one of those wavelength … Bowman recruited some students to work on the design and others to start analyzing the science side of the project. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. On the bleachers, a group of nine young engineers and computer scientists watched the rocket until it disappeared into the blue sky. “They began as a team with a lot of excitement but no experience,” Danny Jacobs, an assistant professor and faculty adviser on the project, said. Now they are in the operations phase, where they will gather as much information as they can and make sure everything is functioning properly. Long-term strategies for combatting heat in cities range from installing “cool roofs” that reflect more sunlight to planting trees to give neighborhoods more shade.

While the USIP grant may have brought the project to fruition, the incredible work and dedication of the student team, along with the guidance and mentorship provided by ASU affiliates, NASA, JPL, Nanoracks, and other friends made along the way have helped to bring this project to life and make it an adventure unlike any other, and dare I say it - out of this world! This will allow them to help develop a more sustainable infrastructure for future generations, Rogers said. All rights reserved. After more than four months of sitting aboard the International Space Station, the spacecraft is now in low orbit close to where it was launched. In April 2016, the team learned that they would receive NASA funding. “The most important thing to come out of this mission are the 80 students that worked on it.”. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy.

After the proposal was awarded in April 2016, the science objective was refined to study how the organization of Local Climate Zones (LCZs) contributed to the Urban Heat Island Effect, thereby giving the team a specific hypothesis to prove or disprove with the science investigation. The team will use the images to demonstrate the density of buildings in multiple cities in order to better understand the heat island effect. Sarah Rogers, project manager of the Phoenix CubeSat and an aerospace engineering graduate student, said the CubeSat was launched from the ISS from a deployer pod and, upon command, was pushed into space using a spring.

Thermal images aren’t as common. AZ International Auto Show & New Car Buyer's Guide 2020 Model Year, Heat deaths in Phoenix reached a record high in 2018.

They encountered challenges in deciphering how to integrate the parts, and in staying on track with the timeline. Alec Lee Spencer Niblett IV, the science team's lead and an anthropology senior, is primarily responsible for categorizing and analyzing the urban heat island effect through the images from Phoenix. Phoenix intends to isolate one of those wavelength bands by studying urban areas in the band of 7-14μm and investigating the effectiveness of using commercial off-the-shelf parts to complete the science objective. Check out for the latest developments on this ASU NASA Mission! “I shed a couple of tears of joy as I was watching it go up.”. Mission control announced: “T-minus 10, 9, 8…” The onlookers joined in, counting loudly: “3, 2, 1.”. Get the best of State Press delivered straight to your inbox. Alongside the rises in global temperatures unleashed by climate change, urban heat islands add to hotter conditions in cities.

"We're not only benefiting people at this university but other universities as well," Rogers said. Zenkov said that because conditions in orbit may vary from the conditions used during the team's simulated lab, they will compare temperature references, the surface of the ocean and data from weather stations in order to calibrate the satellite. Phoenix’s infrared camera is equipped with a lens that will capture 68 meters per pixel, allowing the satellite to make thermal images down to a resolution showing city blocks. After it was launched into orbit, the Phoenix team successfully completed their first task, which was hearing the radio waves of the satellite from a ground station. “Different building materials retain thermal energy much longer than natural ground cover,” Niblett said.

"After over four months of sitting aboard the International Space Station, the spacecraft and its team have been prepared for its launch into low Earth orbit." On Nov. 2, the ASU student-built satellite "Phoenix" was one of seven student-made CubeSats launched into space by NASA aboard a rocket. Welcome! It will kick in and slow it down to where it can point and orient its solar panels towards the sun," Rogers said.

The $120 million, six-story building opened in 2016. When solicitations for the newest round of the USIP program were released in the fall of 2015, Dr. Judd Bowman (Phoenix Project Investigator) decided to pursue the opportunity and began investigating a project concept that could feasibly be proposed and developed by an undergraduate student team.

The overlying concept was developed from Dr. Philip Christensen’s idea to make a small (but not CubeSat small) satellite called ‘CitySat’ which would capture images of urban areas across several wavelength bands. Last summer, she and other students focused on the finishing touches, often working late into the night taking apart the pieces and putting them back together, and finishing the software. This website uses cookies to make your expierence better and easier. Rogers took on the job of project manager. The idea for the satellite was suggested to the students by Judd Bowman, a professor in the School Of Earth and Space Exploration who is the principal investigator and faculty sponsor of the project. When the Phoenix CubeSat stabilizes, it will begin to take photos of various U.S. cities and send the information back. Specifically, the satellite engineering was developed by students from the Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory (SDSL), a student organization within the Fulton Schools dedicated to spacecraft systems and subsystems design. Illustration published on Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. Along with the Phoenix satellite and other cargo, the spacecraft delivered six other CubeSats made by students at other universities. The proposal was written by the student team, which was comprised of individuals with backgrounds in engineering and science alike, while guidance was provided by faculty mentors on how to combine the engineering and science efforts as well as convey the overlying importance of the project in the proposal. They hope it will function for at least a year to study changes during the four seasons. She said with the effects of climate change worsening in recent years, one of her team’s main goals has been to build a piece of technology that will enable cities to pinpoint actions that can help combat heat. And the Phoenix CubeSat mission has helped her prepare for the next phase of her space career. : L.A. installs off-white streets to beat heat. Nights have also grown warmer. The payload was selected as the Tau 2 640 Infrared Camera based on research that was currently being done with the camera at the university as well as its ability to be used for space research and fit inside the CubeSat’s 3U envelope. “Honestly, I just feel over the moon.”. For now, Phoenix has been placed inside a deployer pod on the space station.

The students designed and built the satellite's structure, as well as interface ports for data and power, Rogers said. Smoke billowed from the launchpad and the rocket rose atop a column of white fire.


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