Great White Sharks do not get cavities, but they will lose and regrow hundreds of teeth in their lifetimes. Once they became big and powerful they love to dine on sea lions and leopard sharks. 26. Great White Sharks are responsible for the most attacks on people of any other species of shark, though they will not eat people. 1.

Great whites prefer warm, salty water, typically residing in Australia, South Africa, California and the northeastern United States.

Female Great White Sharks are pregnant for 11 months, giving birth to small litters of 2-12 pups. Information About Sharks, For Shark Lovers, Sharks Of The World Have Added Some Strange Items To Their Diet, Blue Shark Facts That Will Not Make You Blue, 5 Interesting Locations That Different Types Of Sharks Have Been Found. In close range, they can even sense the heartbeat of immobile prey. 50 Cool Facts About Great White Sharks June 1, 2016 by Michael Rogers. Great white sharks eat an average of 11 tons of food a year. Baby sharks practice oophagy, a behavior where the largest, strong pups will cannibalize the other pups inside of the womb. Their sense of smell is so good they can detect the scent of blood in the water from up to three miles away.

On an average, a great white shark has a life expectancy of 60 to 70 years but the surprising thing about them is, researchers found a 16 million years old Great white shark Fossil in the ocean and scientists believe they are even older sea creature than this. 11. Another interesting great white shark facts are the normal weight of any great white shark can be around 1 ton however the heaviest found wild great white shark showed up the weight of more than 3.5 ton.


Author: Kurzon/CC BY-SA 3.0. Sharks don't chew. Believe it or not, the great white's biggest threat is human interaction. The great white sharks are the predators which are present on the top of the food chain.

This gigantic fish is the king of the Sea and is full of alluring facts. We can find these sharks in the cold shallow water of almost every costs of the continent except Antarctica.

The only animal known to prey on great white sharks is the orca whale. Not too much is known about the mating habits of great white sharks. You have entered an incorrect email address! As the largest predatory fish in our ocean, these fearsome animals inspire awe and respect. 29. 11. Kanika is a Serial Blogger, She is a technologist, bibliophile, speaker, educator and writer.

Talking of the shark’s cannibal behaviour if the shark has two or more shark babies called “Pups” in the womb.

Best Friend Tag Questions To Ask Each Other: Just-For-Fun Bustle, Most Expensive House In The World And Their Owners, A Look at the Next Generation Lincoln Aviator, Signs Your Loved One May be Addicted to Opioids, Use of Neem Oil For Hair And Skin | All You…, Surprising Reasons Behind The Worms In Mezcal, What Is Freeholding? So without further delay let’s have a looks at some extremely interesting great white shark facts. Then what these sea beasts actually eat? Which makes them tough to notice in the water. The great white sharks normally hunt in the dawn, at the time of low visibility. They are not just carnivores but also the cannibals. 20. Typically, Great White Sharks can grow up to 21 feet in length, though females average at 15-16 feet long and males average at 11-13 feet long. Instead of producing the sound they prefer to communicate via essence and body language.

Their average breach speed occurs at 25 mph. A Great White Shark has a bite force of 4,000 psi, that is 10 times the bite force of a lion. Great whites have such acute senses that they can smell one drop of blood in 100 liters of water, or a seal colony up to two miles away. You just have to flip the great white shark on his back they will immediately become motionless. Though they tend stay to close to the shore in shallower waters, they have been spotted swimming in open waters at depths of up to 3,900 feet.


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