Set up the area formula. For example, let’s calculate the cubic footage of a 5 square foot area that is 2 feet high. The volume in cubic feet is equal to the area in square feet times the height in feet. Try our square footage calculator to find the area. Example: Calculate the cubic feet of a 4 meter high, 8 square foot area. You could, in theory, fit many different measurements of square feet into a cubic foot. As we know, the volume can be calculated using area and height by multiplying the both, to find cubic footage, simply multiply your square feet by the height in feet. How to Calculate Cubic Feet with Square Feet? Or, it could be shorter in length and width and be very deep. Picture a swimming pool - it could be very long, wide and shallow. To calculate cubic feet based upon a square feet figure requires us to know an extra dimension: height/depth. Since you just need length and width for square footage, eliminate the height and just note the length and width of the surface area. The formula for cubic feet of a typical square or rectangular object is length multiplied by width multiplied by height. Substitute the actual length and width in the formula. volume = 5 sq ft × 2 ft. volume = 10 cu ft.


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